Aphria, ODI Pharma execute supply agreement

ODI Pharma | November 03, 2020

ODI Pharma AB today announced that, despite COVID 19 delays, it has streamlined its supply chain and executed a Supply Agreement (the "Supply Agreement") with Aphria Inc.'s ("Aphria") (TSX: APHA) (Nasdaq: APHA) wholly-owned German subsidiary, CC Pharma GmbH ("CC Pharma"). The management team of ODI believes the Supply Agreement will contribute to efficiencies of ODI's operations going forward.

The highlights of the Supply Agreement are:

The Supply Agreement grants ODI the exclusive right to sell a defined set of co-branded products in Poland. These products will be co-branded and sold under the ODI and Aphria brand names;

The Supply Agreement has a term of five years and provides for an annual minimum of 1,200 kg of medical cannabis product, for a total of 6,000 kg of medical cannabis during the term of the agreement; and
CC Pharma will support ODI in securing regulatory approval for import and sale of the co-branded products in Poland.

Aphria Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Irwin D. Simon comments

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with ODI Pharma, which expands the international presence of our Aphria medical brand into Poland. This partnership is further evidence of our global commitment to provide patients with access to high-quality medical cannabis products as well as a testament to the strength and quality of our medical brand, Aphria.  We look forward to working with ODI Pharma in bringing our high-quality medical cannabis products to patients in Poland."

ODI Pharma AB CEO Derek Simmross comments
"We are pleased to continue our relationship with Aphria through our new partnership between CC Pharma and ODI Pharma. We see that this will contribute to our operational efficiency and it is exciting to further advance the terms of our relationship to include a broader product offering. Our goal remains to represent the best and most technologically advanced producer of medical cannabis in the industry for the Polish people."

ODI Pharma AB Chairman Volker Wiederrich comments

"We are proud of our partnership with CC pharma, a global leader who shares with us the same quality values and commitments of meeting patients' needs and improving their quality of life. Also, this is another vote of confidence in ODI Pharma's leadership and the Polish medical cannabis market."

About ODI Pharma AB

ODI Pharma, based on its European network, subsidiaries and affiliates, is a producer and representative of finished pharmaceutical cannabis products with a focus on distribution to the medical cannabis market in Europe through its subsidiary ODI Pharma Polska Sp. z o.o. ODI Pharma intends to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price compared to competitors in Poland, thereby becoming the number one provider of medical cannabis in Poland. ODI Pharma also strives to be on the forefront of understanding the medical applications of the product as well as introducing new, innovative products to the European patients in need. ODI will continue to team up with the most knowledgeable and best renown partners in the industry to achieve its goals.

About Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc. is a leading global cannabis company inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life. Headquartered in Leamington, Ontario – the greenhouse capital of Canada – Aphria Inc. has been setting the standard for the low-cost production of high-quality cannabis at scale, grown in the most natural conditions possible. Focusing on untapped opportunities and backed by the latest technologies, Aphria Inc. is committed to bringing breakthrough innovation to the global cannabis market. Aphria's portfolio of brands is grounded in expertly researched consumer insights designed to meet the needs of every consumer segment. Rooted in our founders' multi-generational expertise in commercial agriculture, Aphria Inc. drives sustainable long-term shareholder value through a diversified approach to innovation, strategic partnerships and global expansion.


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Experts who study mass shootings say many factors must be considered when trying to determine a motive.

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LTS LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG announces the closing of the acquisition of Tapemark Inc. located in St. Paul, MN, USA. This acquisition combines Tapemark, a world-class CDMO specialized in transdermal drug delivery systems and oral thin films as well as unit dose semi-solid drug and iontophoresis products with LTS, a leading pharmaceutical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative drug delivery systems such as Transdermal Patches Oral Thin Films and Micro Array Patches (MAP) for major Bio- /Pharmaceutical, Generic, and Consumer Health companies. With the acquisition, Tapemark´s St. Paul facility will become part of the worldwide operations network of LTS, along with LTS' existing facilities in Andernach, Germany and West Caldwell, NJ in the US. Bas van Buijtenen, CEO of LTS, commented, "We are very pleased to welcome the Tapemark team to the LTS family. This strategic acquisition demonstrates our commitment to continue to set the standard as the best CDMO in TTS and OTF and to strengthen our footprint in the US, the world's most important pharma market. We will offer an even more complete portfolio of drug delivery expertise and expanded manufacturing capabilities to our customers and their patients, and we are excited to welcome Tapemark's customers to LTS' global network. The acquisition strengthens our R&D capabilities in North America, allowing us to bring ever more innovation and development support to players developing innovative therapies and new drug delivery systems. With that, we're even better positioned to address our customers' desire for a single partner to support them from feasibility through commercialization. We are particularly pleased that such a talented team is joining our organization. I am delighted that Beau Garrett will be strengthening our Global Leadership Team in the role of SVP Strategy and Corporate Development. His track record as a leader successfully driving growth will bolster our LTS Growth Journey." "Joining LTS strengthens our ability to craft the best product development and manufacturing strategy to deliver complex drugs for our customers who ultimately bring these to market and help patients around the world. Having spoken to our customers, I know they are excited to benefit from the breadth of LTS's global technology portfolio, its product development capabilities, and the vast global network. Together, we will reach more pharmaceutical partners and ultimately help more patients. Personally, I am pleased our executive team is joining such a strong team at LTS. From the day I met Bas and several of the senior leaders at LTS, I knew this was the right fit for both companies, our employees, and our customers." Beau Garrett, CEO of Tapemark The transaction has obtained the necessary regulatory approvals and has closed as of August 19, 2022. Financial details of the transaction are not disclosed. Bourne Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to Tapemark. About LTS LTS LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG is a leading pharmaceutical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative drug delivery systems such as Transdermal Patches and Oral Thin Films for the pharmaceutical industry. LTS maintains its leading position through the continuous refinement of its core TTS and OTF technologies and by advancing emerging drug delivery technologies, including Micro Array Patches for the transdermal delivery of large molecule, biological actives and vaccines. Founded in 1984, LTS operates today from three sites: in Andernach, Germany, West Caldwell, NJ, USA and St. Paul, MN, USA. LTS has also a representative office in Shanghai, China.

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