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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Collaborates with Harrow Health’s ImprimisRx to Promote Prescription Avenova

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical firm focused on commercializing Avenova for the eye care market, has announced a collaboration with ImprimisRx, one of the nation's top ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical companies, to promote prescription Avenova. ImprimisRx, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harrow Health, Inc., will offer national sales, marketing, and distribution support for NovaBay's FDA-cleared 0.01% hypochlorous acid Avenova in 40 ml bottles. Avenova is a clinically approved antimicrobial lid and lash solution used to treat various chronic eye conditions.

Avenova serves a large and rapidly growing dry eye market, with 30 million Americans suffering from chronic eye diseases such as blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. It is the only lid and lash spray made with NovaBay's patented pure hypochlorous acid and is suitable for daily usage. In addition, Avenova is usually prescribed by ophthalmologists and optometrists before and after cataract and Lasik procedures, making it a complementary therapy for many ImprimisRx's existing products.

About ImprimisRx
ImprimisRx is one of the nation's top ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical companies, with 40 proprietary ophthalmic formulations serving thousands of ophthalmologists and optometrists throughout all 50 states.

About Harrow Health
Harrow Health, Inc. is a healthcare company specializing in ophthalmology. ImprimisRx, the leading ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical company, and Visionology, a direct-to-consumer eye care subsidiary focusing on chronic eye disease, are owned and operated by the company. Harrow Health also owns stakes in Eton Pharmaceuticals, Surface Ophthalmics, and Melt Pharmaceuticals, all of which began as Harrow Health subsidiaries. Harrow Health also has royalty rights to four clinical-stage drug candidates developed by Surface Ophthalmics and Melt Pharmaceuticals.

About NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on high-quality, differentiated anti-infective consumer products such as Avenova, the top antimicrobial lid and lash spray, CelleRx Clinical Reset, a game-changing product in the beauty category, and NeutroPhase Skin and Wound Cleanser for wound healing. NovaBay products include its patented, pure, stable, pharmaceutical-grade hypochlorous acid, replicating the antimicrobial chemicals used by white blood cells to combat infection. NovaBay's hypochlorous acid products cause no stinging or irritation, are nontoxic, and are non-sensitizing, making them entirely safe for daily usage. In addition, Avenova is the first commercial hypochlorous acid lid and lash spray product that has clinically proven to reduce bacterial load on ocular skin surfaces, effectively addressing the underlying cause of bacterial dry eye.



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