Neuraxpharm and Panaxia Global have entered a comprehensive agreement to start a business collaboration

Panaxia Global, Neuraxpharm | July 22, 2020

Neuraxpharm, a leading European pharmaceutical company specialized in CNS, and Panaxia Global, the controlling owner of Panaxia Labs Israel (Panaxia Israel) (TASE: PNAX), Israel's largest medical cannabis manufacturer, announced today they have entered a definite agreement to start a business collaboration for marketing Panaxia's medical cannabis products in Germany, Europe's largest and fastest-growing market for cannabis in Europe. The agreement, which anchors a previous MOU entered by the companies, includes exclusivity for Panaxia products, as well as an option for scaling the distribution to additional countries, also including further major European countries.

The agreement is one of a kind in the cannabis industry. It represents the first time a global pharma company of Neuraxpharm caliber marketing medical cannabis products as part of its broad prescription and non-prescription product portfolio. On top of distributing the products to pharmacies through local distributors, the venture will focus on marketing efforts to the relevant target audiences in Germany, namely the prescribing physicians, and the patients. The marketing activity is critical for the success of commercial sales and will be implemented according to the standards used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Whether your life sciences company is public or privately held and whether you are operating in a single country or are a multinational entity, all pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are experiencing high levels of disruption in business activities.


Whether your life sciences company is public or privately held and whether you are operating in a single country or are a multinational entity, all pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are experiencing high levels of disruption in business activities.

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Allucent Extends Medidata Clinical Cloud Usage to Expedite New Drug Development

Medidata Solutions | March 13, 2023

Medidata, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for clinical trials that streamline the clinical trial process, reduce time and cost, and accelerate the development of new treatments, recently announced that Allucent, a contract research organization (CRO) that brings innovation to biopharma firms, is expanding the global use of Medidata's Clinical Cloud to enhance its clinical trial operations offering. This agreement extends Allucent's current usage of Medidata's technology, which includes eCOA, Rave EDC, RTSM, and Rave Imaging, supporting crucial development areas such as rare and orphan indications, oncology and cell and gene therapies. As part of the deal, Allucent's team achieved 100% Rave EDC certification, reinforcing their dedication to quality and providing clients with industry-leading technology. Allucent is a sponsor of Medidata NEXT London and will give a presentation on data analytics for early-phase oncology trials. The presentation will cover how working with Medidata has helped them apply visualization techniques and strategies to extract the total value of information for all stakeholders. Medidata is a Dassault Systèmes company poised to drive the digital transformation of life sciences in the age of personalized medicine with its 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This platform is the first end-to-end scientific and business solution, from research to commercialization. Medidata's head of Global Sales, Janet Butler, commented, "Allucent is leveraging the power of the Medidata Clinical Cloud to solidify their position at the forefront of clinical technology." She further emphasized, "Their work with novel therapies requires agile, patient-centric solutions. We are proud to build on our eight-year collaboration to advance the digital transformation of life sciences and deliver clinical innovations to help reach their goals." (Source – Business Wire) About Medidata Solutions Medidata Solutions is a New York-based global provider of cloud-based software solutions for clinical trials. Its platform, the Medidata Clinical Cloud, enables pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, and academic research organizations to manage all aspects of clinical trials, including study design, data capture, management, and analysis. Medidata's platform can capture real-time data from multiple sources, including electronic health records and wearable devices, to monitor patients closely, identify potential safety issues earlier, and make informed decisions about trial design and treatment protocols. The platform also features advanced analytics tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help researchers analyze and interpret their data. In 2019, Dassault Systèmes, a global leader in 3D design software and simulation solutions, acquired Medidata, further enhancing its platform.

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Northstar and Inhibrx Join Hands to Develop Radiopharmaceutical Candidates

Northstar and Inhibrx | January 09, 2023

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC, announced a collaboration with Inhibrx, Inc., to develop and produce new radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment. Inhibrx will develop a new generation of targeted alpha treatments utilizing its improved single-domain antibodies (sdAbs). With a long history of sdAb innovation, it has created a library of sdAbs targeting tumor-associated antigens. Its high binding affinity and specificity for tumor cells or antigen-expressing cells within the tumor microenvironment make sdAbs an ideal biological targeting agent for radioisotope delivery. In addition, alpha-emitting radioisotopes have a small range of activity and high energy transfer, allowing for the targeted destruction of cancer cells with minimum damage to adjacent healthy tissue. NorthStar is expanding its position as an industry leader in the rapidly-growing field of therapeutic radioisotopes, and it is now prepared to become the first commercial-scale manufacturer of non-carrier added (n.c.a.) actinium-225 (Ac-225) and copper-67 (Cu-67). Under the terms of this agreement, NorthStar will provide the supply of Ac-225 and access to its comprehensive radiopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) services to assist the development of a predetermined number of Inhibrx's novel biologic medicines. NorthStar will also prepare Inhibrx patient dosages for clinical studies and, upon approval, may manufacture and supply radionuclides for its commercial use. About NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes is a commercial-stage nuclear medicine company with a mission to provide patients with global access to game-changing radiopharmaceuticals. The company uses ecologically preferable technologies to create, manufacture, and distribute diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. It is the only commercial U.S. producer of molybdenum-99, an essential diagnostic imaging radioisotope (Mo-99). The FDA-approved RadioGenix® System (technetium Tc 99m generator) uses US-manufactured, non-uranium-based Mo-99 as the source material to generate technetium-99m (Tc-99m), which is used to assess heart disease and cancer.

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Rancho BioSciences Welcomes BenevolentAI as Fifth Member of SCDS Consortium

Rancho BioSciences | February 02, 2023

On February 1, 2023, Rancho Biosciences, a leading provider of data sciences services, announced that BenevolentAI has joined the SCDS consortium as its fifth member. Rancho Biosciences launched its Single Cell Data Science (SCDS) pre-competitive consortium on February 26, 2022, with four Charter Members: Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen Research & Development LLC, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, Novartis, and Vesalius Therapeutics. The consortium's mission is to establish a uniform industry standard for creating and formatting single-cell datasets through a systematic effort to build data models and ensure that public data are curated consistently. Due to the evident impact of single-cell transcriptomics technology on drug discovery, pharmaceutical firms continue to adopt single-cell sequencing techniques at an exponential rate. The availability of ever-increasing volumes of single-cell datasets in the public domain enables pharmaceutical companies to vastly increase their universe of single-cell experiments over those generated internally. However, harnessing this enormous public data lake by locating, downloading, and curating single-cell data is difficult and time-consuming compared to the resources required for scientists to analyze data to derive value for biomedical research collectively. To date, Rancho has provided 83 analysis-ready datasets by using its extensive curation knowledge and expertise. Each dataset contains 79 columns of curated metadata that have been verified against a 4-entity data model developed by Rancho for SCDS. Based on member priorities, Rancho will continue to contribute a steady stream of harmonized single-cell datasets to the consortium. With this shared cost model, these may be supplied at a far higher throughput and much more cost-effectively than a single company could do. About Rancho BioSciences Founded in 2012, Rancho BioSciences is a global fee-for-service data curation firm that provides analysis and development services to clients, including pharma, foundations, government, and biotech. With a global team of qualified Ph.D. and Ph.D./MD scientists that provide high-quality work based on their expertise and domain knowledge in biology, diseases, and clinical data, it strives to find cures for diseases by serving its clients and saving lives through Data. It aims to be the world's leading provider of data services and harness domain skills and expertise to address complex problems.

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