MEDISCA Chooses Creatio to Speed Up Operations and Increase Market Share

MEDISCA | June 18, 2021

MEDISCA has chosen Creatio's low-code platform for process management and CRM, the company said today. MEDISCA, a global leader in pharmaceutical compounding, chose Creatio to speed up processes, improve market share among current partners, and boost revenue per employee.

MEDISCA assists pharmacists by supplying equipment, devices, and high-quality ingredients. MEDISCA has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical compounding business as an innovative and entrepreneurial company with 32 years of experience. The company's top priority is to automate processes throughout its sales, service, and marketing divisions and replace at least five disparate systems.

"We picked Creatio because of its unified low-code/no-code platform for process management and CRM, which will help us with our business and marketing demands," said Ekaterina Dobrokhotova, Director of Global Marketing. "We can manage the automation of our business processes with Creatio's low-code/no-code tools, giving us more control and flexibility over our operations. It also enables us to put more resources to more complicated, strategic tasks."

Creatio aims to assist companies in accelerating by providing solutions to quickly and easily automate business ideas. Creatio provides a modular approach to app development and process automation to help speed up processes even more. The out-of-the-box capacity of Creatio eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. Instead, its pre-configured modules provide similar basic functionalities required for several apps and can be useful to achieve new solutions more quickly.

Solutions Metrix is in charge of the system's implementation.

"In the increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving Pharmaceutical compounding market, we are excited to partner with MEDISCA to help them accelerate their growth and achieve strategic business objectives through the power of Creatio's industry-leading low-code/no-code platform," said Thomas James Stewart, Executive Vice-President & Managing Partner.

About Solutions Metrix
Since 2001, Solutions Metrix has been implementing globally known CRM platforms such as Creatio for the North American market across various industries and businesses of all sizes.

CRM consulting services from Solution Metrix focus on accelerating growth and accomplishing strategic business objectives for its partners/clients. Their team of seasoned Business & CRM Consultants will guarantee that every implementation is best practices focused and adapted to your company's specific business processes and needs, using a unique consultative approach & methodology that is ROI & user-adoption driven to assure success.

MEDISCA is the global leader in turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical compounding industry and associated health care professionals. MEDISCA is committed to being a one-stop-shop for prescribers, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians involved in personalized medicine by providing high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, industry-leading compounded support, and education through its partnership with LP3 Network. Founded in 1989, the company now has offices in Canada, the United States, and Australia, allowing it to serve the international market better.


Oligonucleotides are short strands of synthetic DNA or RNA that can selectively alter gene expression and protein production.


Oligonucleotides are short strands of synthetic DNA or RNA that can selectively alter gene expression and protein production.

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Endo Announces Agreement with Slayback Pharma to Distribute Prevduo™ the First and Only FDA-Approved Neostigmine-Glycopyrrolate Combination

prnewswire | April 28, 2023

Endo International plc announced that its subsidiaries Endo Ventures Limited and Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. have executed an agreement with Slayback Pharma LLC to distribute Slayback's Prevduo™ (neostigmine methylsulfate and glycopyrrolate injection) pre-filled syringe on an exclusive basis in the U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Prevduo™ in February 2023 for the reversal of the effects of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) after surgery, while decreasing the peripheral muscarinic effects (e.g., bradycardia and excessive secretions) associated with cholinesterase inhibition following NMBA reversal administration. Endo will commercialize Prevduo™ through its Par Sterile Products business and expects to launch the product in June 2023. When launched, Prevduo™ will be the first and only FDA-approved neostigmine–glycopyrrolate combination product in the U.S. Both neostigmine methylsulfate and glycopyrrolate have been approved in the U.S. as single, active ingredient drug products. Neostigmine is always administered in conjunction with glycopyrrolate, and currently, its administration requires two syringes. "Prevduo™ further strengthens our commitment to supporting healthcare providers and their patients through ready-to-use products that streamline operations," said Scott Sims, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Injectable Solutions & Generics at Endo. "We're proud to partner with Slayback to bring this critical care product to market and help hospitals deliver quality patient care." "Following the development and FDA approval of Prevduo™, we're pleased to partner with Endo and tap into Endo's proven capabilities in commercializing injectable solutions, including ready-to-use products," said Ajay Singh, Founder and CEO of Slayback Pharma. Ready-to-use, or RTU, products streamline operations for hospitals by eliminating the need to prepare or transfer the product before patient administration. This may reduce waste and costs, optimize convenience and workflow and reduce the chance for preparation error—all of which support quality patient care. About Endo Endo is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to helping everyone we serve live their best life through the delivery of quality, life-enhancing therapies. Our decades of proven success come from passionate team members around the globe collaborating to bring treatments forward. Together, we boldly transform insights into treatments benefiting those who need them, when they need them.

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EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Completes Enrollment in Oversubscribed Phase 2 DAVIO 2 Clinical Trial of EYP-1901 for Maintenance Treatment of Wet AMD

Globenewswire | March 28, 2023

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a company committed to developing and commercializing therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with serious eye disorders, today announced it has completed enrollment in the Phase 2 "Durasert® and Vorolanib in Ophthalmology 2" (DAVIO 2) clinical trial evaluating EYP-1901 as a potential six-month maintenance treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD). The trial exceeded its original target of 144 patients, enrolling a total of 160 patients. All patients were previously treated with a standard-of-care anti-VEGF therapy and were randomly assigned to one of two doses of EYP-1901 or to an aflibercept on-label control. “We are thrilled to announce the completion of enrollment in our oversubscribed Phase 2 DAVIO 2 trial evaluating EYP-1901 in wet AMD, marking an important milestone as we continue to advance our pipeline of innovative sustained delivery treatments for serious eye disorders,” said Nancy Lurker, Chief Executive Officer of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. “Patients with wet AMD face an immense treatment burden, requiring monthly or bi-monthly eye injections for the rest of their lives in order to prevent severe vision loss. The high level of patient and physician interest we saw in the trial enrollment further demonstrates the great unmet need in this population for a maintenance treatment option that is safe, effective, long-lasting and convenient.” “We look forward to reporting topline data in the fourth quarter of this year. With these data and the promising results from our Phase 1 DAVIO trial, EYP-1901 will have the largest and most robust dataset of any tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) product in development for wet AMD. These data will inform the design of our pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials and provide optionality as we seek to bring this promising product to patients. I would like to thank our dedicated team of employees and clinical partners, as well as the patients who enrolled in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 EYP-1901 trials and their caregivers for advancing the development of EYP-1901,” continued Ms. Lurker. DAVIO 2 is a randomized, controlled Phase 2 clinical trial of EYP-1901 in patients with wet AMD. Originally designed to enroll 144 patients, the trial enrolled 160 patients in total due to strong investigator and patient interest. All enrolled patients were previously treated with a standard-of-care anti-VEGF therapy and were randomly assigned to one of two doses of EYP-1901 (approximately 2 mg or 3 mg) or an aflibercept control. EYP-1901 is delivered with a single intravitreal injection in the physician's office, similar to current FDA approved anti-VEGF treatments. The primary efficacy endpoint of the DAVIO 2 trial is change in best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) compared to the aflibercept control, six-months after the EYP-1901 injection. Secondary efficacy endpoints include change in central subfield thickness (CST) as measured by optical coherence tomography (OCT), number of eyes that remain free of supplemental anti-VEGF injections, number of aflibercept injections in each group, and safety. “Our ‘Treat to Maintain’ therapeutic approach for EYP-1901 has the potential to transform the wet AMD treatment paradigm, and we are incredibly pleased to complete enrollment with more patients than planned in the DAVIO 2 clinical trial due to high demand to participate from investigators and patients,” said Jay Duker, M.D., President and Chief Operating Officer of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. “The compelling Phase 1 DAVIO results demonstrate EYP-1901’s potential to transition a majority of patients to an every-six-month treatment for wet AMD, representing a ‘treat to maintain’ therapeutic approach that uses EYP-1901 as a baseline therapy following the use of large molecule anti-VEGFs with the goal of significantly extending the patient’s treatment interval. Based on the extensive prior clinical data evaluating Durasert in four FDA-approved indications, we are confident in EYP-1901’s ability to consistently deliver the active drug, vorolanib, with zero-order drug release kinetics using our bioerodible sustained delivery technology, Durasert® E. In addition, vorolanib brings a new mechanism of action for wet AMD patients and may have additional neuroprotective benefits. We are confident in EYP-1901’s potential to enhance treatment compliance, improve clinical experience and, ultimately, result in better patient outcomes.” About EYP-1901 EYP-1901 is being developed as an investigational sustained delivery treatment combining a bioerodible formulation of EyePoint's proprietary Durasert® delivery technology (Durasert® E) with vorolanib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Positive safety and efficacy data from the DAVIO Phase 1 clinical trial of EYP-1901 showed a positive safety profile with stable visual acuity and OCT. Further, 53% and 35% of eyes did not require any supplemental anti-VEGF injections up to six and twelve months, respectively, following a single dose of EYP-1901. Phase 2 studies are underway for wet AMD and non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and are planned in diabetic macular edema. Vorolanib is licensed to EyePoint exclusively by Equinox Sciences for the localized treatment of all ophthalmic diseases. About EyePoint Pharmaceuticals EyePoint Pharmaceuticals is a company committed to developing and commercializing therapeutics to help improve the lives of patients with serious eye disorders. The Company's pipeline leverages its proprietary Durasert® technology for sustained intraocular drug delivery including EYP-1901, an investigational sustained delivery intravitreal anti-VEGF treatment currently in Phase 2 clinical trials. The proven Durasert drug delivery platform has been safely administered to thousands of patients' eyes across four U.S. FDA approved products, including YUTIQ® for the treatment of posterior segment uveitis, which is currently marketed by the Company. EyePoint Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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Specialty Pharma Expert Adopts Name of Global Parent to Reflect Breadth of Offer That Brings a Rare and Special Perspective to the Market

Businesswire | April 26, 2023

Global healthcare and business consulting services provider, Terebellum, has chosen to adopt the name of its global parent, AscellaHealth, to reflect the scale of its operations and breadth of expertise. The business specialises in providing end-to-end solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to streamline product commercialisation, improve medication access, reduce costs and enhance patient outcomes for specialty and rare disease patients. Based in Dublin, Ireland and Manchester, UK, former Terebellum provides pre-commercialisation and market access support, supply chain logistics, distribution and fulfilment and unique pharmaceutical financial services to UK and European pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare organisations. Adopting the brand name of its parent company, AscellaHealth, will enable the specialty pharma expert to demonstrate its full range of expertise, international insight and distinctiveness of offer. Upon Terebellum’s transition to the AscellaHealth brand identity in its market-facing activities, the company will continue to maintain current business operations, client relationships and dedication to patient-centric care. Craig Caceci, Managing Director at AscellaHealth EU/UK, said: “It’s our strong belief that to optimise outcomes in specialty healthcare a specialised approach is needed, due to the specific challenges associated with rare conditions. “The AscellaHealth name provides an opportunity to highlight how we are perfectly positioned to offer uniquely tailored solutions across the globe to ensure streamlined medication access and the best possible treatment journey for rare and orphan disease patients.” In a recent customer survey carried out by AscellaHealth, 100 percent of respondents agreed that the organisation presents unique value in the market and is uniquely qualified to address their needs. Craig adds: “Supporting patients, life science manufacturers, payers and providers, we bring expertise and care to every requirement to develop and implement novel approaches that ensure patients with rare diseases can get the treatment they need, when they need it most. “Our new brand tagline, ‘a rare and special perspective’, captures our dedication to applying knowledge and expertise to improve health outcomes of rare disease and specialty patients, perfectly.” AscellaHealth, co-founded by Dea Belazi, President & CEO and Bill Oldham, Chairman & CFO in 2013, employs nearly 200 employees worldwide to provide integrated end-to-end solutions that span the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle and beyond, supporting all segments of the specialty pharma industry. Former Terebellum joins US-based pharmacy distribution and patient-management organisation, Optime Care, in adopting the name of parent AscellaHealth, to form one globally-recognised brand for specialty pharma expertise. About AscellaHealth LLC AscellaHealth, a global Healthcare & Specialty Pharmacy solutions organisation, serving patients, life sciences manufacturers, payers, and providers, offers a comprehensive portfolio of uniquely tailored, tech-enabled services supporting complex, chronic conditions or rare diseases that require specialty medications and/or cell and gene therapies. A recipient of numerous industry awards for innovation, and a NASP Strategic Channel Partner of the Year award winner, AscellaHealth’s best-in-class, patient-centric approach is built upon proprietary technology processes for novel programs and services to support the launch of specialty medications and proactively address multiple challenges, optimise clinical health outcomes, and improve quality of life for this patient population. AscellaHealth brings a rare and special perspective to all stakeholders.

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