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Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Brazil Chooses ValGenesis iRisk to Redefine and Automate Risk-Based Validation Processes

prnewswire | May 30, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

ValGenesis, Inc., the market leader in enterprise validation lifecycle management systems announced that a leading pharmaceutical company in Brazil selected ValGenesis iRisk to redefine and automate the company's risk-based validation processes. ValGenesis iRisk is the world's most advanced risk management platform, used by top pharmaceutical companies across the world.

With corporate origins in Japan, the company draws upon a rich legacy of innovation and a pipeline of robust therapeutics that are enhancing the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Working to keep pace with ever-changing business and regulatory landscapes, the company chose ValGenesis iRisk because it enhances business performance and business process excellence across end-to-end product and process lifecycles. On this compliant platform, experts can analyze, visualize, query, and compare risk over different products, processes, production sites, and more, sharing a continuous flow of risk communications between relevant stakeholders to get products to market more quickly and safely.

"Brazil is the largest pharmaceutical market in Latin America, and we are happy that more companies are turning to ValGenesis for risk-based validation solutions that enforce a structured and consistent approach to risk, " says Steve Reynolds, Chief Revenue Officer at ValGenesis. "ValGenesis iRisk is able to deliver on these stringent requirements simply, efficiently, and very cost-effectively."


ValGenesis, Inc. is the creator of an innovative software platform that serves as a foundation for managing compliance-based validation activities in life science companies. ValGenesis, Inc. is the provider of the first enterprise application that manages the corporate validation lifecycle process. This solution is fully compliant with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 requirements. As the first fully paperless solution for electronic management of validation execution and approval, ValGenesis was selected by an industry peer review committee to receive the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) New Innovative Technology Award in 2005.


Learn about the industry’s first pharmaceutical supply chain solution that is reducing the cost of care and ensuring access to critical medications for hospitals and health systems.


Learn about the industry’s first pharmaceutical supply chain solution that is reducing the cost of care and ensuring access to critical medications for hospitals and health systems.

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Now Available – XDEMVY™ (lotilaner ophthalmic solution) 0.25%, the First and Only FDA Approved Treatment for Demodex Blepharitis

globenewswire | August 28, 2023

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. whose mission is to focus on unmet needs and apply proven science and new technology to revolutionize treatment for patients, starting with eye care, announced that XDEMVY™ (lotilaner ophthalmic solution) 0.25% is now available at pharmacies nationwide for prescription. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved XDEMVY on July 24, 2023, for the treatment of Demodex blepharitis. “We are delighted that within weeks of FDA approval, XDEMVY is now available to millions of patients with Demodex blepharitis,” said Bobak Azamian, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Tarsus. “The efforts of our team have created incredible interest in XDEMVY, the first and only approved solution for this highly prevalent disease. I’m so appreciative of our team and our partners who’ve worked diligently to bring this product to eye care providers and patients quickly and seamlessly following regulatory approval. We are proud to introduce XDEMVY to the eye care community and look forward to its potential to significantly change the way this disease is treated.” XDEMVY is the only FDA approved treatment to directly target Demodex mites, the root cause of Demodex blepharitis. Demodex blepharitis is characterized by redness, inflammation, missing or misdirected eyelashes, itching along the eyelid base, and the presence of collarettes. XDEMVY is a prescription eye drop that is administered with one drop in each eye twice daily (approximately 12 hours apart) for 6 weeks. Tarsus is committed to ensuring that patients have affordable and broad access to XDEMVY and developed Tarsus Connect, a suite of assistance programs that provide financial support for eligible patients. More information about Tarsus Connect can be found on or by calling: 1-866-846-3092. About Demodex Blepharitis Blepharitis is a common lid margin disease that is characterized by eyelid margin inflammation, redness and ocular irritation. Demodex blepharitis is caused by an infestation of Demodex mites, the most common ectoparasite found on humans and accounts for over two-thirds of all blepharitis cases. Demodex blepharitis may affect as many as 25 million Americans based on an extrapolation from the Titan study indicating 58% of patients presenting to U.S. eye care clinics have collarettes, a pathognomonic sign of Demodex mite infestation, and that at least 45 million people annually visit an eye care clinic. Demodex blepharitis can have a significant clinical burden and negative impact on patients’ daily lives. The Titan study also showed that current management tools, such as tea tree oil and lid wipes, are ineffective at targeting the root cause of Demodex blepharitis. About XDEMVY™ XDEMVY (lotilaner ophthalmic solution) 0.25%, formerly known as TP-03, is a novel prescription eye drop for the treatment of Demodex blepharitis and is designed to target and eradicate the root cause of the disease – Demodex mite infestation. The active ingredient in XDEMVY is lotilaner, a well-characterized agent that eradicates Demodex mites by selectively inhibiting the GABA-Cl channels. It is a highly lipophilic molecule, which may promote its uptake in the oily sebum of the eyelash follicles where the mites reside. XDEMVY was evaluated in two pivotal trials collectively involving more than 800 patients. Both trials met the primary endpoint and all secondary endpoints, with statistical significance and no serious treatment-related adverse events. Most patients found XDEMVY to be neutral to very comfortable. The most common ocular adverse reactions observed in the studies were site stinging and burning which was reported in 10% of patients. Other ocular adverse reactions reported by less than 2% of patients were chalazion/hordeolum (stye) and punctate keratitis. About Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. applies proven science and new technology to revolutionize treatment for patients, starting with eye care. Tarsus is advancing its pipeline to address several diseases with high unmet need across a range of therapeutic categories, including eye care, dermatology, and infectious disease prevention. Tarsus is studying three investigational medicines in clinical trials. In addition to XDEMVY (lotilaner ophthalmic solution) 0.25%, which is FDA approved in the United States for the treatment of Demodex blepharitis, Tarsus is also investigating TP-03 for the treatment of Meibomian Gland Disease, which is currently being studied in a Phase 2a clinical trial. In addition, Tarsus is developing TP-04 for the potential treatment of Rosacea and TP-05, an oral tablet for the prevention of Lyme disease. TP-04 and TP-05 are both currently being studied in Phase 2a clinical trials to evaluate safety, tolerability, and proof-of activity.

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Verista Announces New Partnership with Sware to Transform Digital Validation in the Life Sciences Industry

PRNewswire | August 09, 2023

Verista, a leading business and technology services company offering specialized solutions for the life sciences industry, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sware. This collaboration underscores Verista's commitment to its clients to provide advanced and innovative digital validation solutions, helping them realize Pharma 4.0. By incorporating Sware's Res_Q platform, clients can enhance, streamline, and optimize the flow of content and data, effectively addressing the challenges posed by static documents and disjointed workflows in the validation discipline. Together, Verista services and Res_Q provide a powerful combination, offering customers a comprehensive and efficient risk-based approach to validation processes in the life sciences industry. "In this partnership, Verista will drive the efficient execution of digital transformations with Res_Q enabling clients to modernize their processes and leverage the latest regulated technologies in compliant ways," says Manny Soman, CEO of Verista. "We are delighted that Verista and Sware share the same goal to reduce and manage validation efforts while helping clients unleash the full potential of digital transformation to bring their products to market more quickly and safely." "Digitizing the validation process is crucial for compliance-focused life sciences companies to be able to meet stringent global regulatory requirements, but digitizing processes means much more than putting paper processes on glass," says Bryan Ennis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sware. "Our partnership with Verista couples our deep digital technology expertise with robust industry experience to deliver the most comprehensive, intelligent and digital validation solutions on the market today." ABOUT VERISTA Verista is a leading business, technology and compliance company that enables clients to improve health and improve lives. We help clients solve their most critical and complex challenges across the GxP lifecycle, from clinical to commercialization, manufacturing and distribution. Verista's experts continually deliver consistent, safe, and high-quality results across the product development lifecycle in the areas of enterprise and lab solutions, technology solutions, manufacturing solutions, and regulatory compliance and product management. ABOUT SWARE Sware is changing how the life sciences industry manages validation – helping companies deliver safer therapies through better technology. Sware provides one validation solution crafted specifically for the entire life sciences industry. Res_Q by Sware automates validation – effortlessly navigating through each step of the validation process for both GxP and non-GxP systems.

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Frontage Acquires Nucro-Technics Inc. and Nucro-Technics Holdings, Inc.

PRNewswire | August 17, 2023

Frontage Laboratories, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Frontage Canada, Inc., completed the acquisition of Nucro-Technics Inc. and its affiliate Nucro-Technics Holdings, Inc. Nucro-Technics is a pharmaceutical contract research organization that conducts analytical chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, bioanalytical, and stability sample storage and testing services. In addition, it provides consulting services, especially in quality control and assurance as well as in Natural Health Product Regulations. Nucro-Technics, located in the Toronto, Canada metropolitan area, operates in a state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot facility and employs personnel having expertise in testing both large and small molecules designed to treat various medical conditions. For over 50 years, Nucro-Technics has been conducting studies for various clients including major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as smaller organizations including industry trade groups and academia. Nucro-Technics has successfully developed and validated numerous methods, as well as participated in providing comprehensive IND packages to clients for regulatory submissions. Nucro-Technics, an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, conducts studies that are in compliance with GLP and GMP regulations. "Today marks a momentous and an exciting occasion. It is a day to celebrate two great companies coming together. It is with great pleasure that I welcome the extraordinary Nucro-Technics team to the Frontage family," said Dr. Abdul Mutlib, CEO of Frontage. "Nucro-Technics has been recognized as a leader in the Canadian CRO market for over 50 years, and its unparalleled client services is a perfect match for the culture of Frontage Laboratories. This acquisition not only significantly strengthens our presence in Canada, but also will enable the combined organization to offer a more expansive suite of services to clients across the globe. We are looking forward to partnering with the Nucro team to deliver the world-class expertise that clients have come to expect from us." According to Dr. Song Li, Founder and Chairman of Frontage: "Nucro has developed a remarkable platform with a truly impressive team of experts. The closing of this transaction marks the next step in our ongoing effort to build Frontage into one of the major players in the global CRO market. In doing so, we will continue our focus on delivering the highest levels of quality, technology and expertise to our clients." "I'm delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Frontage Labs for the next phase of Nucro Technics' growth journey. Since founding the business in 1970, we've worked hard to become the North American boutique in pre-clinical and drug product release testing services. Partnering with Frontage Labs marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of our efforts to support and accelerate pharmaceutical research and development," said John Fanaras of Nucro Technics. Frontage was advised by Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) while Nucro-Technics was advised by Dentons and PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance Inc. About Frontage Frontage Holdings Corp (1521.HK), together with its wholly owned subsidiary Frontage Laboratories, Inc., is a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) which provides integrated, science-driven, product development services from drug discovery to late phase clinical process to enable biopharmaceutical companies to achieve their development goals.  Comprehensive services include drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, analytical testing and formulation development, preclinical and clinical trial material manufacturing, bioanalysis, preclinical safety and toxicology assessment and early phase clinical studies. Frontage has enabled many biotechnology companies and leading pharmaceutical companies of varying sizes to advance a myriad of new molecules through development and to successfully file global regulatory submissions.

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