Kedalion Therapeutics Secures Series B Funding and Announces Signing of Option to Acquire Agreement

Kedalion Therapeutics, | November 16, 2021

Kedalion Therapeutics is pleased to announce the completion of its Series B financing led by Novartis and involving a combination of new and existing investors. The Novartis investment includes an Exclusive Option to Acquire the company and its AcuStream™ technology. This agreement follows a Feasibility Study agreement with the AcuStream™ technology signed earlier this year. The subsequent feasibility study has been completed with successful results. Collaboration between the two parties is ongoing. The financial and other terms of this transaction are not disclosed.

Kedalion’s AcuStream™ platform is a highly innovative, digitally connected, electromechanical topical ocular delivery device that aims to address a potential unmet need for a convenient, user-friendly device that reliably, accurately, and comfortably delivers topical ocular therapy with improved efficiency and patient comfort, and reduced reliance on patient skill and instillation technique when administered by a physician.1 The multi-dose, preservative-free platform strives to enable intended aim, potential for a comfortable patient experience, micro-dosing capability, and in phase 1 proof of concept studies, has shown a potential for a reduction in delivery dose of an intended therapy.1-4 Kedalion will continue to move forward with the development of the AcuStream™ platform across multiple disease categories, drug classes and compositions, including the treatment of presbyopia. The AcuStream™ technology has a potential to enhance the patient experience and optimize treatment outcomes of the company’s highly advanced portfolio of topical ocular drug products in development.

The company looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Novartis Innovative Medicines as a valued investor and partner in developing our technology platform and therapeutic targets.

At Novartis, we are committed to reimagining medicine and investigating innovative approaches that have the potential to address unmet patient needs. The AcuStream™ technology is a novel platform with broad applicability in ophthalmics and we envisio that it could help us deliver transformative solutions to the patients who rely on our therapeutics to treat a range of eye conditions.”

 Jill Hopkins, Global Development Unit Head, Ophthalmology, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Mark Blumenkranz, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Kedalion Therapeutics, commented that “this transaction and associated further studies will help us accomplish our goal of revolutionizing the way drugs are delivered to the eye. The AcuStream™ technology, which strives to enable easier aiming, micro-dosing capability, and a potential for a reduction in delivery dose of an intended therapy, has the potential for a comfortable patient experience for patients worldwide.1 The platform could potentially provide convenience and enable micro-dosing capability for various ocular diseases.1 We see our capabilities coupled with the scientific and market leadership of Novartis in ophthalmics to be a winning formula for both organizations.”

About Kedalion Therapeutics
Kedalion Therapeutics is a venture-backed, clinical-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to bring to market transformative topical ophthalmic therapies for new and existing indications. Kedalion’s proprietary AcuStream™ platform technology delivers topical drugs to the eye in a precise and accurate manner that enables comparable effect with up to an 80% reduction in dose compared to standard eye drops. Kedalion is based in Menlo Park, CA.


Whether your life sciences company is public or privately held and whether you are operating in a single country or are a multinational entity, all pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are experiencing high levels of disruption in business activities.


Whether your life sciences company is public or privately held and whether you are operating in a single country or are a multinational entity, all pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are experiencing high levels of disruption in business activities.

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On March 14, 2023, ValGenesis, Inc., a leading enterprise validation lifecycle management solutions provider, announced that CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals has successfully implemented the ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) for efficient management of validation processes across the company in a 100% digital format. CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing small business specializing in end-to-end integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM) of pharmaceuticals. As a spin-out company resulting from a long-term collaboration between MIT and Novartis, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is committed to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products worldwide by exploring advanced manufacturing paradigms that expedite the development of raw materials and APIs to final dosage forms. Due to the immense validation requirements involved in the production of different drug products, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals needed an electronic solution that determines the disposition of their assets while switching amongst product lines. By leveraging the ValGenesis VLMS, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals has successfully implemented facilities, equipment validation, computer system and utility validation. The ValGenesis VLMS is the system of record for CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals' engineering team and will be expanded to other teams in the future. The highly automated, real-time, and compliant system provided by ValGenesis minimizes the potential for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) non-compliance while accelerating time to market. About CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is an end-to-end integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM) company specializing in pharmaceutical production. The company is committed to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products worldwide by exploring advanced manufacturing paradigms that expedite the development of APIs and raw materials to final dosage forms. It leverages a novel continuous manufacturing platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), initially developed through a $65 million joint research project between Novartis and MIT. With ICM, it aims to transform and streamline the supply chain of pharmaceuticals by delivering high-quality, lower-cost drugs "on-demand."

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Framework Solutions Announces Acquisition of ONIX Life Sciences

Framework Solutions, LLC | March 02, 2023

On March 1, 2023, Framework Solutions, a leading clinical to commercial solutions provider, announced that it has acquired ONIX Life Sciences, a consultancy focused on regulatory operations services for the life sciences industry. The acquisition will enable both firms to expand their global reach and strengthen their service capabilities by providing clients with a broader range of critical services. ONIX's expertise in eCTD Submissions, Publishing, and eCTD Lifecycle Management has helped clients submit their regulatory documents to health authorities worldwide, including the FDA and EMA. ONIX, based in the United Kingdom, has successfully completed eCTD submissions for over 100 clients globally across North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. In addition, ONIX is proud of its accomplishment of never having an eCTD technical rejection and never missing a deadline since its inception in 2010. Frameworks, headquartered in Connecticut, received a growth investment from WestView Capital Partners in 2021 to develop end-to-end solutions for clinical and commercial-stage organizations in the life sciences industry. WestView Capital Partners, a Boston-based growth equity firm, focuses on investing in middle-market companies with a longstanding dedication to the life sciences services industry. The transaction terms between Framework Solutions and ONIX Life Sciences were not disclosed. Frameworks CEO Joe Walsh commented, "We are thrilled to welcome Jasbir and the ONIX team to Frameworks." He further emphasized, "ONIX has built an impeccable reputation in the industry and we are excited to bring Regulatory Operations services to our customers. We look forward to working with Jas as we continue to expand our suite of service offerings to best serve the clinical to commercial-stage needs of life sciences clients." (Source – PR Newswire) About Framework Solutions, LLC Framework Solutions is a leading clinical to commercial solutions provider to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with the aim of promoting customer success. The company provides both strategic and tactical solutions in various fields, including Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, MLR, and Commercialization. These services are reinforced by the Technology Group, which delivers tech-enabled solutions and integrated enterprise help desk and infrastructure support. Over 100 clients, from emerging biotech to large pharma, have utilized its services. Its operation centers are located in Europe, North America, and Asia, allowing us to provide these services globally.

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Capsida Biotherapeutics and AbbVie Announce Expansion of Collaboration

Capsida Biotherapeutics | February 27, 2023

Capsida Biotherapeutics Inc., a fully integrated next-generation gene therapy platform company, and AbbVie, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and providing innovative medicines to address serious health issues, have recently announced an expanded strategic collaboration. The collaboration aims to develop genetic medicines for eye diseases with high unmet needs. Capsida's novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) engineering platform and manufacturing capability will be combined with AbbVie's extensive capabilities to identify and advance three programs. This expanded collaboration builds on the neurodegenerative disease partnership established in 2021. As per the agreement's terms, Capsida will receive $70 million, comprising upfront payments and possible equity investment. Capsida could receive up to $595 million in option fees and research and development milestones for the three programs, with the potential for further commercial milestones. Additionally, Capsida will be eligible to receive mid-to-high single-digit royalty payments on future product sales. Capsida will be responsible for leading capsid discovery efforts for all programs, utilizing its high throughput AAV engineering platform, and will also be responsible for process development and early clinical manufacturing. AbbVie, on the other hand, will lead innovative therapeutic cargo approaches and be responsible for commercialization and development. Capsida's CEO Peter Anastasiou commented, "AbbVie has been an excellent partner, and we are excited to expand our collaboration into ophthalmology with the world leader in this therapeutic area." He added, "Combining AbbVie's expertise in eye disease drug development and commercialization with Capsida's fully integrated next-generation AAV engineering platform and manufacturing capabilities offers the potential to provide novel therapies enabling unprecedented benefit to patients with serious eye diseases." (Source- PR Newswire) About Capsida Biotherapeutics Capsida Biotherapeutics Inc. is a leading gene therapy platform company that develops targeted, non-invasive gene therapies for patients suffering from severe and life-threatening genetic disorders. Its innovative approach allows for the treatment of rare and common diseases across all age groups. The company focuses on creating customized therapies that selectively target specific organ systems while minimizing exposure to non-targeted organs. Capsida is a fully integrated biotechnology company with proprietary adeno-associated virus (AAV) engineering, translational biology, advanced manufacturing capabilities, multi-modality cargo development and optimization, process development, as well as extensive clinical development expertise.

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