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Karo Pharma acquires OTC brand portfolio from Teva Pharmaceuticals

Karo Pharma Aktiebolag ("Karo") today reports the securing of an OTC brand portfolio containing Flux®, Decubal®, Lactocare®, Apobase®, Dailycare® and Fludent® from Teva Pharmaceuticals (Teva) for an absolute thought of EUR 84m.

The exchange moves responsibility for brand portfolio, included Flux®, Decubal®, Lactocare®, Apobase®, Dailycare® and Fludent® from Teva to Karo. The brands created deals barely shy of EUR 35m in 2020 on a worldwide premise. The greater part is created in the Nordic business sectors, including Scandinavia, where the brands as of now are dispersed and showcased by Karo under a 7-year permit arrangement that was endorsed in the spring of 2019.

The exchange adds around EUR 4m in net deals from new business sectors outside of Scandinavia of which approx. 80% is in Finland. The exchange disentangles the business set-up and gives Karo control of the resources, in this way preparing for long haul advancement of the brands and the worth chain.

As far as monetary effect Karo will acknowledge direct investment funds in year 1 of simply under EUR 5m as expenses to Teva are disposed of. Karo as of now popularizes the items in Scandinavia and has dynamic associations with the agreement manufacturers that supply the brands. Subsequently, restricted added expenses and faculty are needed as an immediate aftereffect of the exchange.

"The transaction is in full alignment with our strategy of owning and commercializing strong OTC brands within everyday healthcare. It gives us full global control of a very exciting brand portfolio that we will develop and optimize over the next years. It strengthens our position in the Nordic markets and notably it expands our business in Finland where we did not previously control these brands. Over the next years we shall expand life cycle management opportunities, drive activation across more channels and explore geographical market expansion", says Christoffer Lorenzen, CEO of Karo Pharma.

The obtaining is an unadulterated resource bargain. No staff or assembling locales are incorporated, which limits business just as the innovation move chances. The exchange, which is financed with existing money and requires no extra credit facilities, is relied upon to close on April 1.

About Karo Pharma
Karo Pharma delivers smart choices for everyday healthcare. We own and commercialize branded, original over-the-counter products and prescription medicines. Our products are available in more than 60 countries, with Europe and the Nordic region as our core markets. Karo Pharma is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap.



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