In the World of Big Pharma, an Italian Oral Spray Survives

Yonah S. Tehrani, MD on the potential benefit of the Dr ZinX Zinc + Hinokitiol combination: "The antiviral effects and benefits of Zinc and Hinokitiol may have a tremendous impact on affected individuals and health care systems worldwide."

Zinc is a mineral of critical importance to the proper functioning of the immune system in all age groups. Zinc deficiency may result in low resistance to viruses and bacteria. Studies dating back to 1974 have shown that zinc supplementation may contribute to faster recovery from viral illness by directly inhibiting viral replication at the protein level.

In order for Zinc to cross into our cells and operate a special transport system is required. This system includes zinc ionophores and zinc binding-proteins. The list of zinc ionophores is extensive and includes Hinokitiol, hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, epigallocatechin, pyrithione, zincophorin, and others.



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