IDBS Launches Polar™ in a New Product Category That Aims to Streamline and Speed up Biopharmaceutical Development

IDBS | December 07, 2020

IDBS, a product informatics arrangement supplier for biotech and pharma, today reported the dispatch of Polar™, building up another item classification, BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM), pointed toward smoothing out medication advancement and assembling in biopharma research.

The advancement of biologics is a unique cycle and the individuals who are best should have the option to adjust to changes in cycle or innovation quickly. IDBS information has discovered that without compelling BPLM, the advancement of a biologic can take as long as three years longer than it should, which impacts the two patients and an organization's primary concern. Despite the fact that biopharma organizations perceive the requirement for proficiency, quality and information honesty, most are as yet losing time to paper records, Excel and other specially appointed frameworks that defer results and endanger measure understanding and quality. Without more productive frameworks, organizations will keep on creating irreproducible outcomes, which prompts rehashed work, inability to separate experiences and postpones development.

"Putting up a medication for sale to the public is an unpredictable cycle which proceeds with post-commercialization," said Umay Saplakoglu, Chief Digital Officer at Cytiva. "A significant test today is that information that is created all through the periods of disclosure doesn't generally get moved and rather exists in storehouses – in hardware, in somebody's scratch pad or in an information base. There are no communitarian stages where you can dissect the information and draw experiences from it. This remaining parts probably the greatest test confronting industry today."

Polar™ is intended to be quickly sent to explain work process, measure quality, joint effort and information investigation challenges that have pained presently accessible programming arrangements including LIMS and ELN. It will decrease manual information preparing and record, prompting less human mistakes and improved generally speaking precision, and incorporates complete pursuit capacities that help clients find what they are searching for, diminishing the need to pointlessly copy measures. Besides, by making a profoundly contextualized information spine that underpins the entire improvement lifecycle, Polar™ offers out-of-the-crate understanding and investigation, assisting organizations with understanding the advantages of demonstrating and reproduction, helping drive development and decrease time-to-showcase.

Polar™, will empower organizations to all the more viably explore the complexities and failures of the medication advancement lifecycle, while receiving the groundbreaking rewards that come from a well curated cycle and quality information spine.


You don't GET inspection ready, you have to BE inspection ready." Redica Systems Sales Manager, Sam McDonald, shows you how to prepare for an #FDA pre-approval inspection.


You don't GET inspection ready, you have to BE inspection ready." Redica Systems Sales Manager, Sam McDonald, shows you how to prepare for an #FDA pre-approval inspection.

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Biocytogen | March 09, 2023

On March 8, 2023, Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Biocytogen) announced a non-exclusive license agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). The deal was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC. Under the agreement, Janssen and its affiliates have been granted a global, non-exclusive license to utilize Biocytogen's RenLite® platform and its underlying intellectual property to research, discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize fully human antibody therapeutics, as well as other biological therapeutics, for unlimited drug targets and indications. RenLite® is a part of Biocytogen's RenMiceTM family of completely human antibodies. RenLite® mice can produce fully human antibody candidates with high affinity, specificity, variety, and druggability, as well as a common light chain for further assembly of multispecific and bispecific antibodies with minimal mismatch and high success rate. In addition, the multispecific and bispecific antibodies assembled following the discovery of RenLite® feature a conventional antibody structure and good physiochemical characteristics that are beneficial for downstream CMC development. About Biocytogen Biocytogen is a leading biotech company that offers comprehensive solutions to the global biomedical community for developing next-generation antibody drugs. It has created a streamlined platform for efficient antibody drug discovery and validation using advanced gene editing technology and modern animal facilities. This includes animal model creation, therapeutic antibody discovery through their RenMab™ mice, and preclinical validation studies in vivo and in vitro. Biocytogen partners with over 70% of the leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to develop innovative medicines for a healthier world. The company is a leading figure in the field of biomedical research, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this critical area of study.

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Horus Pharma and Plastic Bank Collaborate to Recycle Nearly 100 Tons of Plastic

Horus Pharma | January 11, 2023

On January 10, 2023, Horus Pharma, an independent French ophthalmology laboratory known for its preservative-free eye and eyelid health products, announced a partnership with Plastic Bank to recycle approximately 100 tons of plastic annually. The pact is a part of Horus Pharma's environmental program, Eco' Ophtalmo. Since its founding in 2003, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a consistent part of Horus Pharma's culture. Over the years, the company's increasing awareness of industrial activities' environmental impact has led to numerous initiatives. Horus Pharma has committed to continuously seeking new solutions via innovation and collaboration to minimize its ecological footprint to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, through its strategy of cooperative actions and initiatives, it strives to encourage and support the spread of ecologically-responsible practices within its industry. Launched in September 2022, the Eco' Ophtalmo initiative has incorporated ecology into Horus Pharma's culture and strategy planning. Eco' Ophtalmo project encompasses major and ambitious initiatives, including an environmental and social commitment to achieve Plastic Net Zero and create recyclable packaging. In addition, Horus Pharma aims to promote awareness among ophthalmologists and drive action by cooperating to increase awareness and encourage collective efforts to reduce the environmental footprint. About Horus Pharma Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma is a leading eye and eyelid health product developer. It operates in most ophthalmology segments to develop effective and safe practical innovations. Focused on patient safety, its laboratories are renowned for their expertise in developing preservative-free formulations and product delivery systems. The laboratory's product portfolio includes medicinal products, food supplements, and medical devices. In addition, it has been pursuing growth with its new surgery division by providing surgical and peri-surgical diagnostic solutions for eye problems.

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Avacta Completes Fourth Dose Escalation in AVA6000 Phase 1 Clinical Study

Avacta | January 23, 2023

Avacta Group plc, a leading life sciences company focused on developing innovative, targeted oncology medicines and powerful diagnostics, recently announced that AVA6000 has maintained a very favorable safety profile in the fourth dose cohort of the ALS-6000-101 dose escalation phase 1 clinical trial. Furthermore, analysis of tumor samples acquired from six patients across multiple cohorts shows that doxorubicin is being released within the tumor tissue, supporting the pre|CISIONTM technology's tumor-targeting capability. Patients in cohort 4 continue to tolerate AVA6000 well, with a significant decrease in the occurrence and severity of the commonly associated toxicities with the administration of traditional doxorubicin treatment. Nausea, vomiting, Alopecia, mucositis, myelosuppression, and cardiotoxicity are all among the typical toxicities. Notably, the typical drug-related cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin was not found even at the highest dosage levels in group 4, equivalent to more than double the standard dose of doxorubicin. In order to confirm the release of the active chemotherapy, doxorubicin, in tumor tissue, several tumor biopsies acquired from patients in different cohorts have been analyzed. This analysis demonstrates that AVA6000 targets the release of doxorubicin to tumor tissue at therapeutic levels that are significantly higher than those detected in the bloodstream at the same time point. To date, AVA6000 has been administered to 19 patients with advanced and/or metastatic solid tumors who were enrolled across four groups. Based on the very favorable safety profile of AVA6000 in the study thus far, the Safety Data Monitoring Committee (SDMC) has recommended that the study be extended to higher dose cohorts in order to identify a maximum tolerated dose (MTD) required to inform dosing levels for the phase 1b and future studies. The Company anticipates completing these additional cohorts within the first half of 2023. About Avacta Avacta is a healthcare group that promotes human health and well-being by creating new cancer treatments and powerful in vitro diagnostics. Its mission is to create the future of medicine by producing safe and effective medications as well as high-performance diagnostics using its unique Affimer® and pre|CISIONᵀᴹ platforms. By merging these two platforms, the Company is constructing a pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics to fulfil its goal of developing successful treatments for all cancer patients, including those who do not react to current immunotherapies.

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