Harrow Health Acquires Ophthalmic Surgical Drug Candidate From Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Harrow Health, Inc. | August 18, 2021

Harrow Health, Inc. an ophthalmic‑focused healthcare company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to acquire the U.S. and Canadian commercial rights for drug candidate MAQ-100, a preservative-free triamcinolone acetonide ophthalmic injection.

MAQ-100 is marketed and sold by Wakamoto in Japan as MaQaid®. Following Japan’s Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare (or MHLW) approval, MaQaid was launched in Japan in 2010, indicated as an intravitreal injection for visualization for vitrectomy. Since its initial MHLW approval, the indication for MaQaid was expanded to include (a) treatments for alleviation of diabetic macular edema, (b) macular edema associated with retinal vein occlusion (or RVO), and (c) non‑infectious uveitis. Harrow intends to leverage the clinical data used for Japanese market approval of MaQaid, initially to support a clinical program and U.S. market NDA submission of MAQ-100 for visualization during vitrectomy.

Mark L. Baum, CEO of Harrow Health, stated, “We are indeed honored to work with our new partners at Wakamoto to bring MAQ-100 to the U.S. and Canadian markets. This transaction is an excellent strategic fit with our recent commitment to expand our footprint to include retina‑focused surgeons and follows our recent announcement of the acquisition of AMP‑100, a patented, innovative ocular surface anesthetic drug candidate. Both transactions represent progress towards the execution of our strategic goal to grow Harrow through the addition of high-value products to our pharmaceutical portfolio. And both transactions allow us to leverage our wholly owned, efficient, scalable, and tech‑enabled ImprimisRx ophthalmic-focused platform to expand the portfolio of ophthalmic pharmaceutical products we provide to the thousands of prescribers we serve across the country.”

Norihisa Kojima, CEO for Wakamoto Pharmaceuticals, stated, “We are very glad to have an opportunity to collaborate with Harrow Health. We believe Harrow Health’s exclusive focus on ophthalmology and commitment to thousands of American ophthalmic surgeons, providing high‑quality and innovative medications, make Harrow an excellent selection for potential expansion to the U.S. and Canada markets.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Wakamoto will receive payments based on the achievement of commercial milestones and supply Harrow with MAQ-100. Harrow Health will have marketing rights for the U.S. and Canada, while Wakamoto Pharmaceuticals will retain MAQ-100 marketing rights in other countries.

B. Riley Securities acted as financial advisors to Harrow Health and MP Advisors acted as strategic advisors to Wakamoto on the transaction.

About Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, CEO: Norihisa Kojima), a Japanese pharmaceutical company, started in 1929. Wakamoto Pharmaceuticals manufactures and sells various kinds of ethical drugs in ophthalmology, OTC products and food supplements.

About Harrow Health
Harrow Health, Inc. is an ophthalmic-focused healthcare company. The Company owns and operates ImprimisRx, one of the nation’s leading ophthalmology-focused pharmaceutical businesses, and Visionology, a direct-to-consumer eye care subsidiary focused on chronic eye disease. Harrow Health also holds non-controlling equity positions in Eton Pharmaceuticals, Surface Ophthalmics and Melt Pharmaceuticals, all of which started as Harrow Health subsidiaries, and owns royalty rights in four clinical-stage drug candidates being developed by Surface Ophthalmics and Melt Pharmaceuticals. For more information about Harrow Health


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Orsini | December 04, 2020

Orsini Specialty Pharmacy, an innovator in uncommon illnesses and quality treatments, reported today that it has been chosen by Alnylam® Pharmaceuticals as a restricted appropriation accomplice for OXLUMO™ (lumasiran). OXLUMO is the solitary treatment affirmed for essential hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) to bring down urinary oxalate levels in pediatric and grown-up patients. PH1 is a super uncommon hereditary sickness described by the overproduction of oxalate, a side-effect that normally is dispensed with by the kidneys and discharged in the pee. The overabundance creation of oxalate brings about the affidavit of calcium oxalate gems in the kidneys and urinary plot and can prompt the development of agonizing and repetitive kidney stones, nephrocalcinosis, movement to kidney disappointment, and foundational organ brokenness. It is assessed that PH1 influences one to three people for each million in the United States and Europe. "We are satisfied to grow our organization with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and add OXLUMO to the treatments we accommodate the treatment of super uncommon hereditary conditions," said Mike Fieri, Orsini Chief Executive Officer. "Our devoted OXLUMO Care Team is focused on offering caring help and individualized administrations to help individuals with PH1 and their families all through their excursion and assist them with exploring through the complexities of our medical services framework."

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Boston Scientific | December 02, 2020

Boston Scientific Corporation today declared that it has gone into a conclusive concurrence with Stark International Lux S.A.R.L., and SERB SAS, partners of SERB, an European strength drug gathering, to sell its BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals business for $800 million in real money. SERB, supported by private value firm Charterhouse Capital Partners since 2017, possesses an expanded arrangement of doctor prescribed prescriptions zeroed in on uncommon and hazardous infections. "This exchange will help the BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals business upgrade its potential as a completely coordinated forte drugs stage," said Anthony Higham, president, BTG, Specialty Pharmaceuticals. "We accept our capacities and portfolio firmly supplement those of SERB, and we anticipate this next section as we keep on emphatically sway the lives of patients and the individuals who care for them." The BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals business creates, fabricates and markets life-sparing cures utilized in clinics and crisis care settings, including the clinically demonstrated and driving items CroFab®, DigiFab®, and Voraxaze®. The three establishments are required to produce roughly $210 million in income for the entire year 2020. "In the wake of obtaining BTG in 2019 for around $3.7 billion net of money available, and following the end of this exchange, we will have stripped the two BTG non-clinical gadget parcels – Pharmaceutical Licensing sovereignties in the final quarter of 2019 and Specialty Pharmaceuticals declared today – for more than $1.0 billion in net continues," said Jeff Mirviss, chief VP and president, Peripheral Interventions, Boston Scientific. "We keep on being satisfied with the presentation of the center Interventional Medicines business, the essential driver of the BTG securing, which has conveyed solid development and is required to surpass our unique objective of $175 million in collaborations." The arrangement incorporates the exchange of five offices and roughly 280 workers around the world. The exchange is relied upon to shut in the primary portion of 2021, subject to standard administrative endorsements and other shutting conditions.

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