CEM Corporation and AmbioPharm enter into US partnership for GMP peptide production

CEM Corporation | September 16, 2021

CEM Corporation and AmbioPharm enter into US partnership for GMP peptide production
CEM Corporation and AmbioPharm, Inc. are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership to produce GMP peptides for the global market. The partnership includes the exclusive 1Use of CEM's microwave peptide synthesis technology on a large scale for the production of GMP peptides up to several kilograms using its own scalable reactors. The main advantages of this new relationship are the extremely short production times, the ability to efficiently produce more difficult peptide sequences, and the ability to incorporate green chemistry protocols. This partnership will enable the rapid and efficient production of new chemical peptide entities (NCEs) using the latest available technologies. With this agreement, AmbioPharm has started peptide synthesis at its North Augusta facility to better serve customers with fast microwave synthesis processes.

CEM's peptide production technology utilizes automated, large-scale microwave solid phase peptide synthesis systems (SPPS) that have been proven to improve peptide purity and minimize excess reagents. In addition, the CEM has developed proprietary coupling methods optimized for reactions at elevated temperatures 2 , a unique way to combine the coupling and deprotection reactions in a single step 3 , and established the use of more environmentally friendly solvents that are more accessible at elevated temperatures 4 . These unique technological advantages are licensed to AmbioPharm for GMP production.

AmbioPharm is a recognized leader in cGMP peptide production. The company employs more than 675 people and recently completed a major expansion of its headquarters in South Carolina, USA, adding nearly 56,000 square feet of additional peptide manufacturing capacity. The production plant has a cleaning capacity of up to 30 kg / batch and a freeze-drying capacity of up to 1,000 liters. The CEM Liberty Pro Synthesizer offers different reactor sizes (3, 8 and 15 liters) that allow the synthesis of batches from 5 g to 500 g of the final peptide.

Peptide-based drugs have enormous potential for the future and we are pleased to be able to help improve their production process. AmbioPharm is an ideal partner and we believe this relationship will enhance the opportunities for the manufacturing of peptide therapeutics.

- Michael J. Collins, Ph.D., President and CEO of CEM Corporation.

With the addition of CEM's microwave technology to our GMP peptide manufacturing options, we can offer even better service in terms of faster delivery for our partners' products and unique opportunities to make longer and more complex peptides accessible using microwave methods.

- Chris Bai, Ph.D., CEO of AmbioPharm Inc.

About CEM
CEM Corporation, a privately held company based in Matthews, North Carolina, is a leading provider of laboratory instruments. The company has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and Singapore and a worldwide network of distributors. CEM designs and manufactures systems for life sciences, analytical laboratories and processing plants worldwide. The company's products are used in many industries, including the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries, as well as academic research.

About AmbioPharm, Inc .
AmbioPharm, part of the Ambio Pharmaceuticals Group, is a leading, innovation-driven company that specializes in the development and manufacture of peptides and peptide-like products. AmbioPharm offers a comprehensive range of services and produces customized products for research, clinical development and commercial use for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. AmbioPharm operates internationally, has its headquarters in the USA, locations in Europe, the USA and Asia and has more than 14 years of experience and expertise.


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the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which caters for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists, is relaunched after 175 years from a 32-page weekly publication into a new 64-page monthly publication.