Capacity and Citeline Connect Partner for AI-Powered Clinical Trial Recruitment Experience

Capacity | August 12, 2021

Capacity, an AI-powered support automation platform, today announces its partnership with Citeline Connect, the all-in-one clinical trial recruitment platform developed by Informa Pharma Intelligence. The companies partnered to launch Moderna's clinical trial recruitment website with an AI-powered chatbot to provide a comprehensive experience for potential study participants.

This partnership enables customers like Moderna to create engaging clinical trial recruitment websites. With the power of Capacity's chatbot and support automation software alongside Citeline Connect technology, users are able to actively complete registration and pre-screening through an easy-to-use interface.

"Our work with Citeline Connect is reflective of our ultimate goal at Capacity, leveraging a company's existing knowledge base with support automation to help teams do their best work," said David Karandish, CEO of Capacity. "As we see relief from the COVID-19 pandemic on the horizon, there is still a way to go before we are in the clear. In working with Citeline Connect, we're honored to have the opportunity to provide helpful technology for healthcare providers, researchers, and patients."

Capacity and Citeline Connect's first-of-its-kind work will enhance the patient experience. With user-friendly technology, Capacity's chatbot provides an expansive knowledge-base and user-friendly solution.

"We are proud of our ability to create more opportunities for the public to engage with important clinical trials," said Chris Venezia, chief commercial officer at Citeline Connect. "Working with Capacity is a no-brainer to provide an extensive solution that meets the needs of potential patients and the clinical trial sponsors. They make it easy for both potential and current study participants to ask questions, find clinical trial information, and begin their study enrollment journey"

This partnership comes on the heels of Capacity's growth and recognition across industries. Capacity was recognized as the "Adaptive Learning Innovation of the Year" in the 2021 EdTech Breakthrough Awards, as a "Tech 100 Mortgage Winner" by HousingWire, and was a 2021 FinTech award winner for the "Most Innovative Financial Services Machine Learning UI Solution - North America" by Wealth and Finance International. Capacity was also recognized by Knowledge Management World as one of the top 100 companies that matter most in knowledge management, and secured $12M in Series C funding late last year to continue innovating solutions for its customers.

About Capacity
Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects your entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge. Capacity was founded in 2017 by David Karandish and Chris Sims, and is part of the incubator.


U.S. shipments for the pharmaceutical market accounted for 70 percent of the sector, while medical devices made up 30 percent. Legacy lines are driving equipment change. Manufacturers have outdated equipment that needs replacing now or in the very near future.


U.S. shipments for the pharmaceutical market accounted for 70 percent of the sector, while medical devices made up 30 percent. Legacy lines are driving equipment change. Manufacturers have outdated equipment that needs replacing now or in the very near future.

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Pfizer and Biontech Nab Covid-19 Vaccine Authorization from U.K. For First-ever Marketed mRNA shot

Pfizer | December 03, 2020

The two organizations' BNT162b2 has become the primary COVID-19 immunization permitted in the Western world as medication controllers in the U.K. given out a crisis use approval on Wednesday, in front of choices by the U.S. also, Europe, which are normal soon. For the more extensive immunization world, the Medicines and Healthcare items Regulatory Agency's choice methods the world currently has the principal mRNA shot approved for far reaching use, opening up a fresh out of the box new part for antibody advancement. The principal portions will be conveyed to the U.K. quickly, the organizations said. A representative at the U.K's. Department of Health and Social Care said the antibody will be made accessible the nation over from one week from now. The U.K. has requested 40 million portions of the antibody—enough to immunize 20 million individuals—through an arrangement endorsed in July and extended in October. "As we envision further approvals and endorsements, we are centered around moving with a similar degree of criticalness to securely flexibly an excellent immunization around the globe. With a great many individuals turning out to be tainted, each day matters in the aggregate competition to end this staggering pandemic," Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Ph.D., said in an explanation, calling the U.K. gesture a "noteworthy second." Pfizer has appointed COVID-19 antibody assembling to three destinations in the U.S. also, one in Belgium. BioNTech has offices in Mainz and Idar-Oberstein in Germany, which have been delivering dosages for clinical preliminaries. The German biotech as of late purchased a Novartis plant in Marburg, Germany, to quicken business assembling of the COVID-19 immunization. In general, the two organizations have said they can create up to 50 million dosages in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion portions in 2021.

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ERT Expands Clinical Imaging Reporting Capabilities in its Business Intelligence Suite

ERT | April 16, 2021

ERT, the worldwide pioneer in clinical endpoint data collection, today declared that its demonstrated Business Intelligence suite has extended to incorporate detailing for clinical preliminary imaging, making study data all the more effectively available and noteworthy. The new imaging capabilities give an elevated degree of data that empowers study pioneers to guarantee consummation, and successfully oversee locales, expenses, and profitability. "Imaging studies are complex, and customers are under great pressure to monitor and manage their performance. With the power of our Business Intelligence suite, study leaders can achieve the deep insights they need to act quickly, and keep studies on track for success," said Tim Kulbago, Vice President, Imaging, ERT. "Our clinical trial imaging customers can now track their study progress all the way from first image capture to database lock, with the ability to pivot with confidence whenever a potential challenge arises." ERT's Business Intelligence suite permits numerous CROs and patrons to acknowledge new operational efficiencies and better data quality, alongside diminished investigation courses of events and lower costs, through its effectively edible and thorough perspectives into preliminary execution. Clients can utilize the new imaging functionality to coordinate investigations utilizing a profundity of data at no other time accessible. With the new capabilities, they approach a straightforward dashboard for surveying early markers of likely postponements in the imaging process. Clients will track down a natural interface that permits them to get to consider data in an assortment of ways. They can undoubtedly channel data for an undeniable level view or jump down into points of interest by district, site and picture peruser, among others. Checking consistence is straightforward, as clients can rapidly see a general investigation level or take a gander at consistence in explicit territories like quality control, by site, and even by picture peruser. Opportune data permits study pioneers to intercede as vital, for instance, if a site has a high number of inquiries or if a peruser has all the earmarks of being going amiss from the convention. About ERT ERT (eResearch Technology) is a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials so that its customers can move ahead with confidence. With nearly 50 years of clinical and therapeutic experience, ERT balances knowledge of what works with a vision for what's next, so it can adapt without compromising standards. Powered by the company's EXPERT® technology platform, ERT's solutions enhance trial oversight, enable site optimization, increase patient engagement and measure the efficacy of new clinical treatments while ensuring patient safety. In 2019, 75% of all FDA drug approvals came from ERT-supported studies. Pharma companies, biotechs, and CROs have relied on ERT solutions across 16,000 studies, spanning more than five million patients to date. By identifying trial risks before they become problems, ERT enables customers to bring clinical treatments to patients quickly ─ and with confidence.

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Labcorp Enhances Clinical Trial and Drug Development Capabilities Through Real World Data Collaboration With HealthVerity

Labcorp® | June 23, 2022

Labcorp® a leading global life sciences company, announced a new collaboration with HealthVerity, Inc., the leader in Identity, Privacy, Governance, and Exchange (IPGE) for real-world data that will expand Labcorp’s comprehensive, end-to-end drug development and clinical trial programs. HealthVerity’s IPGE platform, an integrated technology and RWD infrastructure, enables Labcorp Drug Development and other participating companies to access fully interoperable, HIPAA-compliant data from the U.S.’s largest ecosystem1 of health care and consumer data. “This collaboration allows Labcorp to expand existing end-to-end solutions for drug and diagnostics development, commercialization and clinical trial efforts to include large-scale access to real-world data for research applications. By applying advanced analytics, Labcorp can help its clients improve their processes and reach better outcomes. Our substantial repository of test results can also help study sponsors more quickly and accurately assess patient eligibility for clinical trials, enroll patients faster and accelerate the availability of new medicines.” Dr. Paul Kirchgraber, CEO of Labcorp Drug Development Now more than ever, study sponsors are seeing the potential of RWD to yield longitudinal patient insights before, during and after trials. With more predictive analytics and artificial intelligence applications requiring comprehensive and fully interoperable RWD, Labcorp can align de-identified patient data with ten times greater accuracy2 than industry alternatives by using the HealthVerity IPGE platform. In addition, access to HealthVerity’s RWD with on-demand de-identification and data linkage capabilities reinforces Labcorp’s ability to be a trusted source of information for its clients. "Fragmentation of patient data is at an all-time high, and the goal is no longer just connecting this data," said Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity. "Rather, the goal is making data more accessible and useful for gaining a detailed understanding of patient journeys. With analytics and applications requiring more frictionless access to the data itself, the HealthVerity IPGE platform stands alone in offering the ability to combine transaction-level patient data in a de-identified, fully interoperable manner, and delivering it directly into the client's applications of choice." About Labcorp Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company that provides vital information to help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and patients make clear and confident decisions. Through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, we provide insights and accelerate innovations to improve health and improve lives. With over 75,000 employees, we serve clients in more than 100 countries. Labcorp (NYSE: LH) reported revenue of $16 billion in FY2021. About HealthVerity Pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, and government organizations have partnered with HealthVerity to solve some of their most complicated use cases through transformative technologies and real-world data infrastructure. The HealthVerity IPGE platform, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance, and Exchange, enables the discovery of real-world data across the broadest healthcare data ecosystem, the building of more complete and accurate patient journeys and the ability to power best-in-class analytics and applications with flexibility and ease. Together with our partners, HealthVerity has built the modern way to data for the health insights economy.

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