Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals Submits New Drug Application to the FDA for CPP-1X/sul for Treatment of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, CPP-1X/sul | June 29, 2020

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPP), a private biotech company developing novel therapeutics to prevent cancer and other diseases, announced that it has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking accelerated approval for CPP-1X/sul for treatment of adults with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).

FAP is a rare genetic disease that if left untreated progresses to colorectal cancer in nearly 100% of patients. The clinical development of CPP-1X/sul was designed to establish this fixed dose combination product as a potential pharmaco-preventive drug treatment specifically for FAP patients.

“The NDA submission for our lead drug candidate, CPP-1X/sul, represents a significant milestone for FAP patients and their families,” said CPP CEO Jeff Jacob. “For most FAP patients, current medical practice involves a lifetime of periodic monitoring as well as highly invasive surgical procedures. If approved, CPP-1X/sul could provide an alternative to surgery for many patients, significantly improving their quality of life.”


Oligonucleotides are short strands of synthetic DNA or RNA that can selectively alter gene expression and protein production.


Oligonucleotides are short strands of synthetic DNA or RNA that can selectively alter gene expression and protein production.

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Mednow Announces Partnership With Medcan Health Management Inc. to Deliver Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Healthcare

businesswire | May 18, 2023

Mednow Inc Canada’s on-demand virtual pharmacy has been named the preferred virtual pharmacy partner for Medcan Health Management Inc. and its valued clients. Mednow is focused on improving the delivery of pharmacy services in Canada through digitization to provide better patient access to pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Mednow offers instant access to pharmacists in the Mednow app or on the phone and offers fast, free delivery of prescription medication. “At Medcan, we’re always striving to bring our valued clients the highest level of service and incredible level of care through integrated, comprehensive and convenient health and wellness services, including ensuring they have easy access to a premium pharmacy experience,” said Shaun Francis, CEO and Chair of Medcan. “By partnering with Mednow, our Medcan clients will not only have a new option to get their prescription medications, over the counter products or supplements, but also the added benefit of always-on access to knowledgeable pharmacists who can help ensure they’re taking medications correctly,” said Francis. “Mednow is proud to partner with Medcan, a pioneer in high quality healthcare in Canada and an ideal partner to work with to reduce care fragmentation and enhance collaboration between our two healthcare professions,” said Ali Reyhany, CEO and Co-Founder of Mednow. “Our proprietary technology provides seamless access to our pharmacy team, which deploys the latest health technologies and best practices in pharmacy to optimize patient care. Texting your pharmacist, automatic refill reminders and the availability of Pillsmart™ medication packs are just some of the ways Mednow can help Medcan’s mutual patients,” said Reyhany. About Mednow Mednow is a healthcare technology company offering virtual access with a high-standard of care. Designed with accessibility and quality of care in mind, Mednow provides virtual pharmacy and telemedicine services as well as doctor home visits through an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare that is focused on the patient experience. Mednow’s services include free at-home delivery of medications, doctor consultations, a user- friendly interface for easy upload, transfer, and refill of prescriptions, access to healthcare professionals through an intuitive chat experience and the specialized PillSmart™ system that packages prescriptions in easy-to-use daily dose packs, each labelled with the date and time of the next dose.

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Patsnap Unveils Synapse Visitor, the Latest AI-Powered Pharmaceutical Intelligence Platform

Prnewswire | April 25, 2023

On April 20, Patsnap, the world's leading SaaS provider for intelligence, announced the launch of its latest version of the intelligence platform, Synapse, available to visitors. This version includes advanced search functions for drugs and pharmaceutical organizations, now publicly accessible for the first time. Users can explore these features without prior registration, making searching easier and more accessible than ever before. Synapse is an innovative Life Sciences Platform that uses AI technology to connect Drug Discovery information with Drug Development insights. This allows professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to make better-informed decisions throughout the entire innovation cycle. With a vast database of millions of free data points from over 150 jurisdictions, Synapse provides access to over 72,000 new drugs, 800,000 clinical trials, 6 million pharmaceutical patents, 62 million literature sources, 360,000 pharmaceutical organizations, and more. This wealth of information is available to users to aid them in their research and decision-making processes. One of the key benefits of Synapse is its extensive database of drugs, particularly those in their preclinical or early developmental stages, which helps to mitigate potential risks for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. "We want to ensure that we are only developing drugs that are efficiently managed, reducing the risks of failure at the later stages of development," said one of our key clients, the head of R&D. By having access to this valuable information, professionals can make more informed decisions and focus their efforts on drugs with a higher potential for success, ultimately saving time and resources. Available on Synapse's website as a free solution, key features include Drug Advanced Search:Quickly and accurately identify drugs based on specific criteria of interest. The search function covers global drug candidates and marketed drugs, and mines preclinical R&D intelligence in patents and literature to identify early competitive risks. Clinical Progress:Screen clinical trials by drugs, institutions, targets (multi-target), indications, clinical trial phase, and other conditions. Synapse collates data from 18 registries, including and WHO, giving users a global view of the clinical landscape. Playbook: Access multiple data sets with a single search, including Due Diligence and Find Organizations. This feature provides comprehensive and visualized insights into the organization's R&D preferences, drug pipeline, investments, financing, and more. Literature Search:With over 62 million literature records in the life sciences field, users can easily screen literature by drugs, targets, indications, authors, and other criteria. This feature allows for efficient and targeted research, saving time and increasing productivity. About Patsnap Founded in 2007, Patsnap is the company behind the world's leading AI-powered innovation intelligence platform. Patsnap provides global businesses with a connected, easy-to-use platform that helps them make better decisions in the innovation process. Customers are innovators across multiple industry sectors, including agriculture and chemicals, consumer goods, food and beverage, life sciences, automotive, oil and gas, professional services, aviation and aerospace, and education.

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CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals Adopts Digital Validation

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, ValGenesis, Inc., a leading enterprise validation lifecycle management solutions provider, announced that CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals has successfully implemented the ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) for efficient management of validation processes across the company in a 100% digital format. CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing small business specializing in end-to-end integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM) of pharmaceuticals. As a spin-out company resulting from a long-term collaboration between MIT and Novartis, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is committed to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products worldwide by exploring advanced manufacturing paradigms that expedite the development of raw materials and APIs to final dosage forms. Due to the immense validation requirements involved in the production of different drug products, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals needed an electronic solution that determines the disposition of their assets while switching amongst product lines. By leveraging the ValGenesis VLMS, CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals has successfully implemented facilities, equipment validation, computer system and utility validation. The ValGenesis VLMS is the system of record for CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals' engineering team and will be expanded to other teams in the future. The highly automated, real-time, and compliant system provided by ValGenesis minimizes the potential for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) non-compliance while accelerating time to market. About CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is an end-to-end integrated continuous manufacturing (ICM) company specializing in pharmaceutical production. The company is committed to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products worldwide by exploring advanced manufacturing paradigms that expedite the development of APIs and raw materials to final dosage forms. It leverages a novel continuous manufacturing platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), initially developed through a $65 million joint research project between Novartis and MIT. With ICM, it aims to transform and streamline the supply chain of pharmaceuticals by delivering high-quality, lower-cost drugs "on-demand."

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