BC Platforms Drives Data Enablement and Collaboration to Accelerate Precision Medicine in Asia

BC Platforms | June 07, 2022

BC Platforms
BC Platforms a leading provider of data and technology platforms for personalized medicine and drug development, will host a key, day-long, Precision Medicine and Data Science Conference in Singapore on 7 June 2022 to discuss how stakeholders can securely collaborate and enable the use of federated data at scale to empower precision medicine, population health, and preventive care initiatives in the region.

The event features preeminent local and international experts from healthcare, government, and academia, including Professor Patrick Tan, Executive Director of the Genome Institute of Singapore, Associate Professor Neerja Karnani, BioInformatics Institute A*STAR and Dr Shay Ben-Shachar, Director of Precision Medicine and Genomics at Clalit Research Institute, Israel. It is part of BCP's efforts to support the growth of precision medicine activities in Asia Pacific.

"Access to connected, secure data is a key pillar in overall healthcare development. High quality clinical and genomics information is foundational to predictive and preventive clinical care as well as drug development. Today, real-world data generated from Asian countries is not represented well enough and data diversity is key to solving the most pressing research questions. At BC Platforms we recognize that Asian countries continue to remain under-represented in global life science research; so it is important for healthcare systems in the region to collaborate, build highly secure, enabling technologies and ensure local legislation is supportive of real-world data initiatives. It will allow the whole ecosystem to stay in front of the development, and our vision focuses on personalized care models for patients in this region."

Mr Tero Silvola, Chief Executive Officer of BC Platforms

The company had expanded its R&D operations in Singapore earlier this year and partnered with SingHealth, Singapore's largest public healthcare group. Parties aim to build a series of research projects and by doing so accelerate relevant clinical research with pressing targets on diseases prevalent in the Asian population, including but not limited to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This highly visible partnership is part of BC Platforms' rapidly growing data partner network for secure and regulatory compliant sharing of real-world data. The global partner network now comprises 33 million patient lives from 37 data partners on five continents.

While BC Platforms has been active in Singapore since 2019, it plans to ramp up activities and continue to build its presence in the region as it continues to develop and deploy safe and secure infrastructure for healthcare data. The company is also focusing on partnerships with local and regional healthcare and research institutions to strengthen translational research capabilities in Asia Pacific and improve care outcomes for patients in the region.

About BC Platforms
BC Platforms is a global leader in providing a powerful data and technology platform for personalised medicine and drug development, accelerating the translation of insights into clinical practice. Our technology drives the infinite loop between personalised care and research discoveries, leveraging latest science, deep technical expertise, strategic partnerships, and harmonized, diverse data collections. Our high performing genomic data discovery and analytics platform enables flexible data integration, secure analysis, and interpretation of molecular and clinical information. 


If you’re in B2B marketing, I would challenge you to think outside the box and do things that no one else is doing. The higher you can stand, the smaller everyone else seems and the farther you can distance yourself from the competition to show: “Here’s exactly why you need to choose our company over everyone else even in a commoditized market because we do things differently here.”


If you’re in B2B marketing, I would challenge you to think outside the box and do things that no one else is doing. The higher you can stand, the smaller everyone else seems and the farther you can distance yourself from the competition to show: “Here’s exactly why you need to choose our company over everyone else even in a commoditized market because we do things differently here.”

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House Rx to Launch Specialty Drug Dispensing Inside Rheumatology Clinics By Partnering with Three Leading Practices

House Rx | August 04, 2022

House Rx, the platform for medically integrated dispensing of specialty medications, announced it has partnered with three new rheumatology clinics to integrate in-house specialty drug dispensing – also known as medically integrated dispensing (MID) – into the clinics' operations. The three practices are: Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates (AARA), Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas (AOCC), and Arthritis Associates of Tennessee and represent an additional 68 providers that will dispense specialty medications through the House Rx platform, bringing the total number of providers on House Rx's platform to 137. While MID has grown in oncology, House Rx's partnership with these practices is one of the first to bring the model to rheumatology care. "It's very exciting to partner with key thought leaders in rheumatology to bring medically integrated dispensing to this specialty. Each one of these practices is a leader in their region, and we look forward to partnering very closely with them to define a new standard for a better patient experience and improved outcomes for patients living with rheumatic diseases." Ogi Kavazovic, Co-Founder and CEO of House Rx By bringing specialty dispensing into the physician's office, the partnership with House Rx aims to dramatically improve the specialty medication experience for patients. The MID care model provides a seamless and efficient way for patients to receive prescribed therapies directly from their doctor – which research has demonstrated improves outcomes, including quality of life and increased survivability, when contrasted with the Pharmacy Benefit Manager-controlled specialty pharmacy approach. "This partnership will increase patient satisfaction by providing prescription medication in-house, and House Rx's technology and expertise will help us achieve this," said Prakash Viswanathan, CFO of AARA. "It is motivating to help trailblaze a new path in rheumatology and be one of the first practices to bring specialty medication dispensing under our roof, making it far easier and quicker for patients to get the medications they need." "We couldn't be more excited about this partnership, which will bring immediate benefits for our patients," said Scott Gilomen, CEO of AOCC. "Having managed an oncology practice earlier in my career, I've seen first-hand the advantages of the MID model and look forward to how House Rx's approach to MID will propel the rheumatology field forward – with our practice at the forefront." "The House Rx model will transform how rheumatology care is delivered, making it more coordinated and improving our patients' experience," said Beth Simpson, DO and managing physician partner at AATN. "We look forward to our patients not being on hold for hours on end waiting to speak with a specialty pharmacy. Instead, they'll speak immediately with House Rx's integrated team of pharmacy experts who understand their rheumatologic conditions." While the concept of dispensing specialty medications in rheumatology is not new — a handful of clinics attempted dispensing in the past but ultimately were unsuccessful due to a lack of technological and operational support — House Rx's model approaches in-office dispensing in a new way. By providing clinics with specialized technology and operational support from pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work integrated with the clinic, practices can keep the service under their roof while reducing the heavy lifting of implementing and maintaining a successful MID program. In addition, clinics can repurpose staff resources normally spent on prior authorizations and financial assistance for patients to focus on direct patient care or other activities critical to the viability and financial independence of community rheumatology clinics. About House Rx House Rx is a healthcare technology and services company focused on making specialty medication more accessible and affordable. The company partners with specialty clinics across the country to help these community clinics offer medically integrated dispensing, bringing together clinical and pharmacy expertise to better serve patients, lower the cost of care, and create a better experience for patients and their caregivers. Learn more at About Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates With 19 physicians, 30 advanced practice providers, and 10 clinics around the state of Arizona, AARA is one of the largest rheumatology practices in the country bringing world-class expertise to patients managing autoimmune conditions. A member of the American Rheumatology Network, and always at the forefront of rheumatology care, AARA has led the way in addressing the rheumatologist workforce shortage by integrating advanced practice providers into their practice, which has allowed the practice to scale clinical operations and meet the demand of a growing patient population. About Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, AOCC has 10 physicians and 5 advanced practice providers caring for patients across two clinics. Combining years of experience in private practice, academic teaching and clinical research, the clinic staff provides highly individualized and state-of-the-art care. About Arthritis Associates Founded in 1975, Arthritis Associates has been at the forefront of rheumatological care in Chattanooga, TN and is the only practice in the area treating both adult and pediatric patients. Arthritis Associates has an excellent, experienced and knowledgeable team including skilled nurses who can administer intravenous treatments onsite, supervised by a board-certified rheumatologist.

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Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare Announce Launch of Ascential Digital Commerce Connect at Cannes Lions

Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare | June 15, 2022

Ascential Digital Commerce, whose technology driven products power brands to win in digital commerce, and GSK Consumer Healthcare, a science-led healthcare company, will join forces on June 20th during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to launch Ascential Digital Commerce Connect, a first-of-its-kind, data-rich, digital commerce platform that provides C-suite executives with visibility of brand sales and performance from multiple data sources. Ascential Digital Commerce Connect improves reaction time to market dynamics, increasing a brand's performance in the rapidly growing eCommerce retail market. Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare partnered together to develop Ascential Digital Commerce Connect to provide visibility and clarity of GSK Consumer Healthcare's eCommerce brands performance, improve reaction time to market dynamics and position the brand for further growth. GSK Consumer Healthcare anticipates eCommerce growth to reach the mid-teens percentage of the business by 2025, thereby making eCommerce a priority channel to drive overall sales. According to Nasdaq research, 95% of all purchases by 2040 will be conducted via eCommerce and a 2021 IDC study revealed that the digital commerce applications market will see double-digit growth through 2025. “Visibility of data is becoming increasingly vital to businesses every day. Especially as eCommerce has become a core business capability for businesses around the globe, managing data streams for those businesses has become increasingly challenging.” Filippo Battaini, Research Manager at IDC Retail Insights The Ascential Digital Commerce Connect web-based platform captures, analyzes, visualizes, and displays critical marketing data about each brand and competitor to monitor key activities and answer marketers' key questions when it comes to Understanding the current brand/sales performance in the eCommerce marketplace – standalone vs. key competitors and owned channels vs. major online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba Dissecting what brand health looks like regionally throughout EMEA, US/North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America Navigating potential challenges and outages around supply chain, research and development, disruptive markets, and other key metrics. More accurately calculating marketing spending as a percentage of gross revenue During Cannes Lions 2022, Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare will host a panel discussion to discuss the catalyst for developing Ascential Digital Commerce Connect and how GSK Consumer Healthcare currently leverages the platform for brand success. Product demos will also be available to showcase the platform. "The next five years represent a tipping point in the retailing industry," says Duncan Painter, CEO at Ascential. "Retailers and brands with the deepest, most recent insights into the digital performance of their products and services will gain an informed, competitive edge. The Connect platform turns data into actionable insights, and GSK Consumer Healthcare is on a strong path to further realize eCommerce growth." "Healthcare today is driven by the digital economy, whether consumers and patients are searching for healthcare information and services online, logging into exercise classes, ordering health and beauty products from their favorite online retailers, or managing prescription medications online," says Taryn Marella, Global Head of Digital Commerce, GSK Consumer Healthcare. "Ascential Digital Commerce Connect delivers actionable insights that help us monitor the health of our business and identify growth opportunities, update messaging and enhance creativity in the digital environment." About Ascential Digital Commerce Ascential Digital Commerce powers the global eCommerce ecosystem. Our platform allows brands, businesses and their agency partners to connect to consumers in every touchpoint of their journey to purchase goods and products. We transform data into actionable insights, allowing brands to build their competitive edge and drive growth with better, faster decisions. We solve the most complex challenges that global brands and businesses face in the digital commerce landscape with technology and human expertise to drive sales growth on the leading digital eCommerce marketplaces globally. About Ascential Ascential delivers specialist information, analytics, and eCommerce optimization platforms to the world's leading consumer brands and their ecosystems. Our world-class businesses improve performance and solve problems for our customers by delivering immediately actionable information combined with visionary longer-term thinking across Digital Commerce, Product Design, and Marketing. We also serve customers across Retail & Financial Services. With over 2,800 employees across five continents, we combine local expertise with a global footprint for clients in over 120 countries. Ascential is listed on the London Stock Exchange. About GSK Consumer Healthcare GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business is on track to become an independent company through a proposed demerger from GSK, expected in July 2022. The new business, to be named Haleon, is expected to be a world-leader in consumer healthcare. Led by its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity, it will be strongly positioned to play a vital role in a growing sector that is more relevant than ever. Haleon will have a world-class portfolio of category-leading global brands, including Sensodyne, Voltaren, Panadol and Centrum, brands that are trusted by healthcare professionals, customers and people worldwide to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and their communities.

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DiMe Releases Toolkits to Improve Sensor Data Integration and Power Better, Faster Global Healthcare and Research

Digital Medicine Society | July 18, 2022

Today, the Digital Medicine Society released the Sensor Data Integrations Toolkits, four comprehensive toolkits to guide data producers, processors, and consumers to use the influx of data from the increased use of wearables and digital sensing products at scale. These resources are based on the Sensor Data Integrations project, comprised of healthcare leaders from Amazon Web Services Oracle, the Moffitt Cancer Center, Takeda, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and more. These toolkits will help realize the promise of sensor generated data to drive better decisions, faster, to improve healthcare delivery and research. The project team will conduct a demo of the toolkits during a live launch event on July 18 at 10:30 am ET, featuring Micky Tripathi, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at the US Department of Health and Human Services. The surge of data from sensor technologies is far outpacing the industry's ability to collect, store, analyze, protect, and use this data effectively for patient care and research. The number of US patients using remote patient monitoring devices is expected to surpass 70 million by 2025. Between 2022 and 2028, the global market for wearable technology is expected to grow around 18.5 percent, reaching $380.5 billion. The number of unique digital endpoints being used in industry sponsored trials of new medical products increased by over 950% between October 2019 and May 2022. The number of sponsors using these products in medical product development increased from 12 to 96 in the same timespan. And while the ability to discern high-quality sensor data suitable for clinical decision making is increasing rapidly, the ability to access these data is constrained by a current dependence on individual point solutions. "Sensor generated data, captured during people's daily lives, offer the opportunity to redefine how we measure health and disease. This opportunity powers the possibility of using high quality, high resolution flows of data to reimagine our approach to healthcare and research, leveraging more complete information to improve individual clinical decisions, decisions about the effectiveness of new medical products, and broader policy and public health decisions. DiMe's new Sensor Data Integrations Toolkits provide action-oriented resources to help data producers, processors, and consumers come together to create a sensor data ecosystem suitable for scale." DiMe CEO Jennifer Goldsack AWS has contributed customer feedback and technical expertise to ensure the toolkit meets the needs of today's modern healthcare system. "Across every industry, we see companies trying to accelerate their path to the cloud," said Lita Sands, Head of Solutions Life Sciences at AWS. "Timelines are getting quicker while the data collected is increasing exponentially – there is a clear and significant need for how to effectively and securely collect and use this information at scale. DiMe's new toolkits are a lifeline to organizations working with sensor data. They offer a comprehensive starting point for data producers, processors, and consumers to help build an integrated pipeline to support better and faster decision making." The development of these toolkits builds on DiMe's previous pre-competitive initiatives, such as The Playbook, the essential guide for developing and deploying digital clinical measures to advance patient care, clinical research, and public health. The Sensor Data Integrations Toolkits go further to ensure that high quality sensor data can be used at scale to improve patient care and speed efficient medical product development. The DiMe community is currently working on additional projects related to taking digitally generated data to scale and will be releasing additional resources over the coming months. DiMe is not only committed to creating and disseminating new digital health approaches and tools, but also sharing user experiences with the broader community. We encourage Sensor Data Integrations Toolkits users to contribute to Dime's "Resources in Action" case study hub by sharing how you are using resources to further the safe, effective, equitable, and ethical use of digital medicine to redefine healthcare and improve human health. The leading organizations from across the global healthcare, research, and digital health innovation sectors that collaborated with DiMe to create these open-access resources are AWS, Elevance Health, Evidation, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Human First, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Medable, Moffitt Cancer Center, Open mHealth, Oracle, Savvy, Takeda, and US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). About the Digital Medicine Society DiMe is a global non-profit and the professional home for all members of the digital medicine community. Together, we tackle the toughest digital medicine challenges, develop clinical-quality resources on a technology timeline, and deliver these actionable resources to the field via open-source channels and educational programs. Join us to advance the ethical, effective, equitable, and safe use of digital medicine to redefine healthcare and improve lives.

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