Avacta Completes Fourth Dose Escalation in AVA6000 Phase 1 Clinical Study

Avacta | January 23, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Avacta Completes

Avacta Group plc, a leading life sciences company focused on developing innovative, targeted oncology medicines and powerful diagnostics, recently announced that AVA6000 has maintained a very favorable safety profile in the fourth dose cohort of the ALS-6000-101 dose escalation phase 1 clinical trial. Furthermore, analysis of tumor samples acquired from six patients across multiple cohorts shows that doxorubicin is being released within the tumor tissue, supporting the pre|CISIONTM technology's tumor-targeting capability.

Patients in cohort 4 continue to tolerate AVA6000 well, with a significant decrease in the occurrence and severity of the commonly associated toxicities with the administration of traditional doxorubicin treatment. Nausea, vomiting, Alopecia, mucositis, myelosuppression, and cardiotoxicity are all among the typical toxicities. Notably, the typical drug-related cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin was not found even at the highest dosage levels in group 4, equivalent to more than double the standard dose of doxorubicin.

In order to confirm the release of the active chemotherapy, doxorubicin, in tumor tissue, several tumor biopsies acquired from patients in different cohorts have been analyzed. This analysis demonstrates that AVA6000 targets the release of doxorubicin to tumor tissue at therapeutic levels that are significantly higher than those detected in the bloodstream at the same time point.

To date, AVA6000 has been administered to 19 patients with advanced and/or metastatic solid tumors who were enrolled across four groups. Based on the very favorable safety profile of AVA6000 in the study thus far, the Safety Data Monitoring Committee (SDMC) has recommended that the study be extended to higher dose cohorts in order to identify a maximum tolerated dose (MTD) required to inform dosing levels for the phase 1b and future studies. The Company anticipates completing these additional cohorts within the first half of 2023.

About Avacta

Avacta is a healthcare group that promotes human health and well-being by creating new cancer treatments and powerful in vitro diagnostics. Its mission is to create the future of medicine by producing safe and effective medications as well as high-performance diagnostics using its unique Affimer® and pre|CISIONᵀᴹ platforms. By merging these two platforms, the Company is constructing a pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics to fulfil its goal of developing successful treatments for all cancer patients, including those who do not react to current immunotherapies.


With complex development processes and stringent regulatory requirements, the path to developing a combination product can seem uncertain and fraught with risk. All elements of the delivery system must comply with the highest quality and regulatory standards.


With complex development processes and stringent regulatory requirements, the path to developing a combination product can seem uncertain and fraught with risk. All elements of the delivery system must comply with the highest quality and regulatory standards.

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REALM IDx announced the launch of REALM Pharma Services, an end-to-end discovery, translational research, and clinical trial service for biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners. Through a strategic integration, REALM Pharma Services brings together the research arms of subsidiaries, Ambry Genetics and Invicro, to offer cutting-edge genomics, traditional and molecular pathology, and advanced imaging and spatial biology. Combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) from REALM’s informatics organization, the company believes this end-to-end service can help reveal new insights and develop multi-dimensional models for drug discovery and validation. “We are excited to offer a comprehensive multiomic and multimodal program that has been tailored to support the needs of our biopharma partners,” said Aaron Elliott, PhD, CEO of REALM IDx. “We believe the integrated approach offered through REALM Pharma Services is a transformative shift in research and will bring new, data-driven insights to precision medicine.” Use of advanced omics, including single-cell omics, is increasingly being incorporated by biopharma into discovery and research efforts, particularly in the field of cancer. This approach can support improved understanding of biological complexity in immuno-oncology and a system-wide path to drug efficacy. However, a significant challenge has been the lack of a consolidated infrastructure to not only support analytical testing and data collection, but also computational analysis of unique data sets to find novel associations for translational insights. “In supporting our biopharma partners, we see ourselves as a powerful connecting force,” said Jonathan Usuaka, PhD, Chief Strategy and Informatics Officer for REALM IDx. “Along with world-class genomics, pathology, spatial imaging and analysis services, we support real-world data and advanced analytics to inform drug development at every stage.” The company will introduce REALM Pharma Services while exhibiting at the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology annual conference in Chicago, June 3 – 5. While at the conference, the company will also share details of a new comprehensive genomic profiling test (CGP) for cancer developed in collaboration with its partners in Japan and set to launch this summer. Additional information about REALM Pharma Services may be found on REALM’s website. About REALM IDx REALM IDx, Inc. is a health care company pioneering in the field of Integrated Diagnostics (IDx), an advanced field of clinical science that brings together laboratory medicine, radiology, pathology and sophisticated artificial intelligence to derive actionable insights to predict, diagnose and treat disease. Powered by proprietary software platforms, industry-leading genomics technology from Ambry Genetics Corporation and radiology and pathology services from Invicro, LLC, the company is equipped to collect, analyze and report on multi-modal precision diagnostic data sets.

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PANTHERx® Rare Launches Drug for APDS

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PANTHERx® Rare, one of the largest and fastest growing rare pharmacies in the United States, is pleased to announce the launch of Joenja® (leniolisib), an oral selective small-molecule PI3K delta inhibitor indicated for the treatment of APDS in adult and pediatric patients ages 12 or older. "Our patients living with rare and devastating diseases deserve the best that medicine can offer. Through innovation and technology, we continue to make a positive impact on the quality of life of those living with rare diseases. We are pleased to add Joenja® to the list of medications in PANTHERx® portfolio," said Rob Snyder, president of PANTHERx® Rare. Activated Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase-Delta Syndrome, or APDS, is a rare primary immunodeficiency affecting approximately one to two people per million with disease onset occurring as early as infancy. This condition results from a variant in the genes PIK3CD or PIK3R1 with both genes playing a role in the regulation of white blood cell maturation. The presence of a mutation in these genes lead to hyperactivity of the PI3Kδ pathway resulting in a failure for the immune cells (B and T cells) to mature and properly function. Imbalance in the PI3Kδ pathway results in immunodeficiency and dysregulation. Those with APDS may develop recurrent respiratory tract infections, bronchiectasis, lymphoproliferation as well as neurodevelopment delay and failure to thrive. Clinical presentation is highly variable ranging from asymptomatic adults to those suffering from lymphoproliferation or development of profound immunodeficiency. Snyder explained Joenja® exerts its effects by blocking the active binding sites of PI3Kδ inhibiting the signaling pathway hyperactivity that leads to dysfunction and dysregulation of B and T cells. In clinical trials, Joenja® achieved both co-primary efficacy measures of reduction in lymph node size and correction of immunodeficiency in the target population. The most common adverse reactions (>10%) were headache, sinusitis, and atrophic dermatitis. About PANTHERx Rare PANTHERx Rare is one of the largest and fastest growing rare pharmacies in the United States. PANTHERx transforms lives by delivering medicine breakthroughs, clinical excellence, and access solutions to people living with rare and devastating conditions. Although the overall incidence of rare diseases is as common as diabetes, less than 7% of the 7,000 known rare and devastating disorders have an FDA-approved therapy. Changes in federal policy and advances in science have led to a surge in FDA orphan drug approvals, providing tremendous hope to the rare disease community. PANTHERx was recently awarded Specialty Pharmacy of the Year by the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy and earned the inaugural Accredited Distinction in Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. PANTHERx is now a five-time winner of the prestigious MMIT Patient Choice Award, including the 2022 honor. PANTHERx is headquartered in Pittsburgh, licensed in all 50 states, and holds accreditations from URAC, NABP, and ACHC.

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OM1, a leading real-world data, outcomes and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, today launched PhenOM™, its artificial intelligence-powered platform for personalized medicine. Calibrated using OM1’s longitudinal health history datasets, PhenOM uses AI to identify unique digital phenotypes associated with conditions and outcomes and compare patients’ records to them to highlight risks and opportunities. PhenOM powers personalized healthcare insights at scale across the entire healthcare ecosystem, from life science research to point-of-care clinical decision making. PhenOM is an AI that gathers detailed information from large patient datasets – including unstructured clinical notes and disease activity metrics – to isolate unique patterns associated with patients with distinct characteristics. PhenOM synthesizes these patterns into unique digital phenotypes or ‘fingerprints.’ These phenotypes can be studied to inform research and deployed in real-world datasets – inside and outside OM1 – as well as in health systems and through standalone patient-facing web portals. Calibrated using OM1’s differentiated, high-quality data cloud – which is based on billions of data points from more than 300 million patients – PheonOM was built with expert clinician oversight. With an overarching mission to improve individual care and population health, the platform powers five solutions that address pain points across the healthcare system Diagnostic Insights: Finding patients with rare, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed conditions, including subgroups of interest Treatment Insights: Personalizing treatment recommendations to improve access to care and individualizing treatment selection Risk Insights: Predicting risk of specific negative outcomes, including disease progression, complications, and catastrophic events Utilization Insights: Enabling focus on patients at risk for higher utilization, and utilization growth, over time Clinical Trial Insights: Accelerating trial startup and recruitment by identifying patients most likely to meet qualifications for enrollment, including those potentially overlooked Patient expectations over the last several years have shifted – from the adoption of virtual care and accessibility to the use of advanced technology to improve outcomes – but a persistent gap remains between population-level insights and individual patient experience: personalization. Recognizing this gap, OM1 developed PhenOM to translate patterns in large-scale data into meaningful outputs at the individual level and to better understand patient populations, diagnoses, progression, and treatment response. “Most people have now heard of the promise of AI through GPT-4, but we still have not seen many really mature, real-world clinical applications using advanced language models,” said Dr. Joseph Zabinski, Managing Director of AI & Personalized Medicine at OM1. “PhenOM is groundbreaking technology because it uses AI to translate actionable insights from our highly enriched datasets and phenotyping technology into opportunities for more personalized healthcare. This capability creates a huge potential for impact for all stakeholders, from identifying patients with under-diagnosed conditions to enabling personalized assessments of benefit for particular therapies and accelerating clinical trial enrollment.” About OM1 With specialization in chronic conditions, OM1 is re-imagining real-world data and evidence by developing large electronically connected networks of clinicians and health data in rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiometabolic, respiratory, mental health, central nervous system, and other specialty areas. Leveraging its extensive clinical networks and an unparalleled technology and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, OM1 offers industry leading enriched healthcare datasets, research analytics, data modeling, decision support, and retrospective and prospective clinical studies. With a focus on high-quality data and clinical outcomes, the offerings are used for accelerating research, demonstrating treatment effectiveness, supporting regulatory submissions, monitoring safety, and informing commercialization.

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