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AustinPx Expands Development and Manufacturing Technologies

Businesswire | May 10, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

AustinPx Expands Development

AustinPx, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in analytical and formulation development services and cGMP manufacturing for small molecule drugs, today announced the expansion of its capabilities to meet industry demand for the Company’s services and expertise. The Company has added new spray drying and encapsulation capabilities and has also expanded its GMP manufacturing capacity for high shear and fluid bed granulation.

AustinPx has installed and validated a Dott. Bonapace INCAP capsule filler, a Freund-Vector VFC3 model fluid bed, and a Freund-Vector GMXB-Pilot model granulator. The INCAP rounds out the Company’s solid dose manufacturing capabilities, while the fluid bed and granulator supplement the Company’s manufacturing scale.

“The investments are a key component of AustinPx’s larger strategy to expand our oral dose development and manufacturing capabilities to better serve our clients’ increasing demand,” said Justin Keen, PhD, senior vice president operations. “The additions demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the best possible service and support."

In line with the Company’s mission of providing science-driven formulation development, AustinPx has installed a PROCEPT modular 4M8-Trix for the development of spray dried amorphous solid dispersions. The addition supplements AustinPx’s current portfolio of bioavailability enhancement technologies, including KinetiSol® Technology - the Company’s proprietary fusion-based amorphous dispersion manufacturing platform.

“We are excited to add spray drying to our portfolio,” said Dave Miller, PhD, chief scientific officer. “When combined with our existing formulation capabilities, the addition enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of bioavailability enhancement solutions to identify the optimal formulation pathway for poorly soluble compounds and address a greater number of our clients’ challenges.”

The expanded capabilities are now available for use. These additions are the first of several strategic investments planned for the Company in the immediate future, as AustinPx continues to position itself as a leading CDMO in the pharmaceutical industry.

About AustinPx

AustinPx, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing, is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing analytical and formulation development services and cGMP manufacturing for small molecule drugs. We specialize in phase-appropriate development strategies, speed to clinic and market strategies, and bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble molecules - including our next generation amorphous dispersion platform, KinetiSol® Technology.



Injection systems that are attached to the patient's body (on-body delivery system OBDS) minimize possible risks, that can occur when drugs are administered by conventional needle-based injection systems (NIS). 


Injection systems that are attached to the patient's body (on-body delivery system OBDS) minimize possible risks, that can occur when drugs are administered by conventional needle-based injection systems (NIS). 

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Adare Pharma Solutions announces divestiture of postbiotics pioneer Adare Biome to dsm-firmenich

prnewswire | July 04, 2023

Adare Pharma Solutions, a global technology-driven CDMO focused on oral dosage forms, today announced the completion of its divestiture of its Adare Biome business unit, a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of postbiotics, to dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty. The transaction represents an enterprise value of €275 million, an estimated 2023 EV/EBITDA multiple of 18x. Tom Sellig, CEO of Adare Pharma Solutions, commented: "dsm-firmenich is the ideal company to take Adare Biome to the next level and realize the growth potential of postbiotics. They have the infrastructure, together with strong commercialization and science capabilities, to scale the significant scientific research that we've achieved over the years. This divestiture will provide Adare Pharma Solutions with additional resources for our core CDMO business and allow us to further grow our position as a world-class outsourcing partner to the pharmaceutical industry." dsm-firmenich intends to extend the availability of Lactéol®, Adare Biome's over-the-counter postbiotic supplement for relieving gut upsets, through its B2C unit, i-Health. Further development of postbiotic B2B ingredients will include opportunities in dietary supplements, early-life nutrition, medical nutrition, and nutritional improvement for the under-nourished. The acquisition of Adare Biome will also position dsm-firmenich as a leader in the growing microbiome management market for pets, and expand its animal health range, where the stability of postbiotics means they can be incorporated into premix feed solutions. Philip Eykerman, dsm-firmenich's President Health, Nutrition & Care, said: "Adare Biome, as a global leader in the research and manufacturing of postbiotics with over a century of pioneering science in its heritage, is a perfect fit for dsm-firmenich that will complement three of our four Business Units. The Adare Biome teams bring great knowledge in this area which will greatly help in driving our 'Health from the Gut' strategy and enable us to accelerate the creation of next-generation biotics to support the health of people and animals. We are excited to welcome the Adare Biome people to the dsm-firmenich family and about the new opportunities this move will unlock. dsm-firmenich's strong global presence and reach in local markets will enable us to deliver Adare Biome products to customers in a faster, more efficient way to bring the proven benefits of postbiotics to a wider range of people around the world." About Adare Pharma Solutions Adare Pharma Solutions is a global, technology-driven CDMO providing product development through commercial manufacturing expertise, with a focus on oral dosage forms for the pharmaceutical industry. Adare's specialized technology platforms provide taste masking, controlled release, solubility enhancement, and patient-centric dosing solutions. With a proven history in drug delivery, Adare has developed and manufactured more than 65 products sold by customers in more than 100 countries globally. More information can be found at About dsm-firmenich As innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty, dsm-firmenich reinvents, manufactures, and combines vital nutrients, flavors, and fragrances for the world's growing population to thrive. With our comprehensive range of solutions, with natural and renewable ingredients and renowned science and technology capabilities, we work to create what is essential for life, desirable for consumers, and more sustainable for the planet. dsm-firmenich is a Swiss-Dutch company, listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, with operations in almost 60 countries and revenues of more than €12 billion. With a diverse, worldwide team of nearly 30,000 employees, we bring progress to life™ every day, everywhere, for billions of people.

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Tonix Pharmaceuticals Completes Clinical Phase of PREVAIL Proof-of-Concept Study of TNX-102 SL for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia-Type Long COVID

Globenewswire | August 14, 2023

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. a biopharmaceutical company, today announced the completion of the clinical phase of the Phase 2 proof-of-concept PREVAIL study of TNX-102 SL as a potential treatment for fibromyalgia-type Long COVID. Topline results for the PREVAIL study are expected in the third quarter of 2023. “Approximately 40% of U.S. Long COVID patients have fibromyalgia-like multi-site pain symptoms based on our observational studies of Long COVID patients from the TriNetX claims database,”2,3 said Seth Lederman, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Tonix Pharmaceuticals. “In addition to multi-site pain, these individuals often suffer from one or more other symptoms typically associated with fibromyalgia such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, and brain fog. We have termed this subgroup, ‘Fibromyalgia-type Long COVID.’ Given our encouraging results with TNX-102 SL as a potential treatment for fibromyalgia4, we are testing TNX-102 SL as a bedtime medicine for the management of Fibromyalgia-type Long COVID. In completing this clinical milestone, marked by the last enrolled patient finishing their final visit, we can now begin to look forward to topline results from the 63-patient PREVAIL study later this quarter.” Dr. Lederman continued, “TNX-102 SL improves sleep quality in fibromyalgia, and we believe this is the mechanism by which TNX-102 SL improves other symptoms, like multi-site pain.5 Recently, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has identified improving sleep quality as a target for potential therapeutics for Long COVID6,7,8, consistent with the proposed mechanism of TNX-102 SL. “Common symptoms of Long COVID, including multi-site pain, fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, and cognitive dysfunction, or ‘brain fog,’ are also hallmarks of conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME),”9 said Herbert Harris, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Head of Translational Medicine of Tonix Pharmaceuticals. “Defining subgroups of Long COVID patients that overlap with fibromyalgia and CFS/ME is expected to facilitate the development of new treatments.4 It can be challenging to distinguish fibromyalgia and CFS/ME clinically, given the high level of symptom overlap between them. Each of these conditions is defined by a constellation of symptoms, and there is no widely recognized diagnostic laboratory test that distinguishes them.” Dr. Harris continued, “The recent identification of Long COVID subgroups in the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)-sponsored RECOVER study10 was an important step. In their recent publication, cluster analysis of the symptom frequencies in the RECOVER study identified four subgroups of Long COVID patients. Cluster #4 represented approximately one-quarter of the population (28%) and reported the highest frequencies of pain (back pain (58%), joint pain (64%) or muscle pain (60%)), high frequencies of fatigue (94%) and ’Brain Fog,’ (94%) and a high level of impairment of Quality of Life. We believe Cluster #4 is a subgroup of Long COVID that shares many clinical features with fibromyalgia and may involve common disease mechanisms. We also believe that Cluster #3, representing another approximately 29% of the RECOVER cohort, includes many patients with fibromyalgia-type Long COVID because 100% of that group suffer from ‘Brain Fog’, 94% experience fatigue and approximately one-third experience pain (back pain (32%), joint pain (36%) or muscle pain (34%)).” Dr. Harris concluded, “With no FDA approved treatment for Long COVID, we understand the need to better understand long COVID and to develop treatments for subgroups of this unserved population of patients. Fibromyalgia has been recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with three approved medicines. Consequently, measuring daily pain is a validated endpoint for FDA registrational studies in fibromyalgia. We believe that daily pain has the potential to be an endpoint for registrational studies in fibromyalgia-like long COVID.” About the Phase 2 PREVAIL Study The Phase 2 PREVAIL study is a 14-week double-blind, randomized, multicenter, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of TNX-102 SL taken daily at bedtime in patients with multi-site pain associated with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). The trial is being conducted at approximately 30 sites in the U.S. The primary efficacy endpoint will be the change from baseline in the weekly average of daily self-reported worst pain intensity scores at the Week 14 endpoint. Key secondary efficacy endpoints include change from baseline in self-reported scores for sleep disturbance, fatigue, and cognitive function. Topline results are expected in the third quarter of 2023. About Long COVID or Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19, or PASC is the formal name for a condition now widely known as Long COVID. Although most people recover from COVID-19 within weeks of the acute illness, a substantial portion develops a chronic syndrome called Long COVID.11 These individuals experience a constellation of disabling symptoms long past the time of recovery from acute COVID-19. Most Long COVID patients who have been studied appear to have cleared the SARS-CoV-2 infection from their systems. The symptoms of Long COVID can include fatigue, sleep disorders, multi-site pain, fevers, shortness of breath, cognitive impairment described as “brain fog” or memory disturbance, gastrointestinal symptoms, anxiety, and depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 13 adults in the U.S. (7.5%) have Long COVID symptoms.1 Long COVID is typically associated with moderate or severe COVID-19, but can occur after mild COVID-19 or even after asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. More than 40% of adults in the United States reported having COVID-19 in the past, and nearly one in five of those (19%) are currently still having symptoms of Long COVID.1 Long COVID is a chronic disabling condition that is expected to result in a significant global health and economic burden.12-15 About TNX-102 SL TNX-102 SL is a patented sublingual tablet formulation of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride which provides rapid transmucosal absorption and reduced production of a long half-life active metabolite, norcyclobenzaprine, due to bypass of first-pass hepatic metabolism. As a multifunctional agent with potent binding and antagonist activities at the 5-HT2A-serotonergic, α1-adrenergic, H1-histaminergic, and M1-muscarinic receptors, TNX-102 SL is in development as a daily bedtime treatment for fibromyalgia, Long COVID (formally known as post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 [PASC]), alcohol use disorder and agitation in Alzheimer’s disease. AboutTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. Tonix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on commercializing, developing, discovering and licensing therapeutics to treat and prevent human disease and alleviate suffering. Tonix Medicines, our commercial subsidiary markets Zembrace® SymTouch® (sumatriptan injection) 3 mg and Tosymra® (sumatriptan nasal spray) 10 mg under a transition services agreement with Upsher-Smith Laboratories from whom the products were acquired on June 30, 2023. Zembrace SymTouch and Tosymra are each indicated for the treatment of acute migraine with or without aura in adults. Tonix’s development portfolio is composed of central nervous system (CNS), rare disease, immunology and infectious disease product candidates. Tonix’s CNS development portfolio includes both small molecules and biologics to treat pain, neurologic, psychiatric and addiction conditions. Tonix’s lead development CNS candidate, TNX-102 SL (cyclobenzaprine HCl sublingual tablet), is in mid-Phase 3 development for the management of fibromyalgia, having completed enrollment of a potentially confirmatory Phase 3 study in the third quarter of 2023, with topline data expected in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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Halozyme Announces Approval of Roche's Tecentriq® Subcutaneous (SC) with ENHANZE® in Great Britain

prnewswire | August 29, 2023

Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. announced the approval of Roche's Tecentriq® SC (atezolizumab), using Halozyme's ENHANZE® drug delivery technology, by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Great Britain. Tecentriq® subcutaneous (SC) is co-formulated with Halozyme's proprietary recombinant human hyaluronidase enzyme, rHuPH20, allowing for subcutaneous delivery, which takes approximately seven minutes, compared with 30-60 minutes for intravenous (IV) infusion. Tecentriq® SC will be available to patients in Great Britain for certain types of lung, bladder, breast, and liver cancer.7 Multiple oncology studies suggest that most cancer patients prefer to receive their treatments via subcutaneous delivery, instead of intravenous infusion because of reduced discomfort, ease of administration, and shorter duration of treatment.2,4,11 "We are delighted that Roche has received approval of Tecentriq SC in Great Britain. Subcutaneous delivery of Tecentriq provides cancer patients a faster and more flexible treatment option and may alleviate pressure on healthcare system resources," said Dr. Helen Torley, president and chief executive officer of Halozyme. "We look forward to additional regulatory approvals of our partner products utilizing ENHANZE." Tecentriq® SC is the first subcutaneous anti-PD-(L)1 cancer immunotherapy available to patients in Great Britain and is Roche's fourth subcutaneous cancer therapy using Halozyme's ENHANZE® drug delivery technology.8-10 The approval is based on clinical data from the Phase IB/III IMscin001 study, which showed comparable levels of Tecentriq® in the blood when administered subcutaneously, and a safety and efficacy profile consistent with the IV formulation.12 While the IMscin001 trial was conducted within the hospital setting, the SC formulation may be suitable for out-of-hospital administration by a healthcare professional. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently evaluating Tecentriq® SC for regulatory approval. About Halozyme Halozyme is a biopharmaceutical company bringing disruptive solutions to significantly improve patient experiences and outcomes for emerging and established therapies. As the innovators of the ENHANZE® technology with the proprietary enzyme rHuPH20, Halozyme's commercially-validated solution is used to facilitate the delivery of injected drugs and fluids in order to reduce the treatment burden to patients. Having touched more than 700,000 patient lives in post-marketing use in six commercialized products across more than 100 global markets, Halozyme has licensed its ENHANZE® technology to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including Roche, Takeda, Pfizer, AbbVie, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Alexion, argenx, Horizon Therapeutics, ViiV Healthcare and Chugai Pharmaceutical. Halozyme also develops, manufactures and commercializes, for itself or with partners, drug-device combination products using its advanced auto-injector technology that are designed to provide commercial or functional advantages such as improved convenience and tolerability, and enhanced patient comfort and adherence. The Company has a commercial portfolio of proprietary products including XYOSTED®, TLANDO® and NOCDURNA® and partnered commercial products and ongoing product development programs with several pharmaceutical companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals and Idorsia Pharmaceuticals.

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