Angelini Pharma Selects AiDEA’s Artificial Intelligence to Boost Its Growth

Angelini Pharma | March 11, 2021

Trueblue, a main supplier of AI answers for Operational and Analytical CRM in the Life Science industry reports that Angelini Pharma, as a feature of a significant global computerized change measure, has picked AiDEA, the principal AI-Digital Cloud Pharma CRM arrangement dependent on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Angelini Pharma is a main pharmaceutical organization focused on aiding patients in the remedial zones of Central Nervous System (CNS) and Mental Health (including Pain), Rare Diseases and Consumer Healthcare.

Angelini's new computerized vision is to reposition and lift its Customer Engagement abilities utilizing Artificial Intelligence by actualizing a creative AI-Driven CRM system. This layouts a make way towards Digital, yet in addition the eagerness to go worldwide through accepted procedures that empower connections with key customers while supporting the organization's global development, along these lines advancing its business and operational abilities.

Angelini Pharma will execute the AiDEA CRM suite in excess of 24 subsidiaries around the world, offering its workers a wide scope of Artificial Intelligence applications. The main Pharma Company will accordingly exploit noteworthy bits of knowledge and omni-channel optimization algorithms intended to augment the utilization of assets, optimize Customer Engagement Activities on all channels and better address the issues of every stakeholder.

After an intensive assessment interaction of the ideal accomplice and because of a previous fruitful Data Warehouse and Corporate Business Intelligence project, Angelini Pharma picked Trueblue's, which exhibited the abilities, advancement, adaptability and business benefit of its foundation dependent on Microsoft technologies.

“We decided to boost the deployment of our Multichannel strategy to better support our ongoing transformation, and while advancing significantly, we realized the need to further accelerate also expanding to solutions based on the use of Artificial Intelligence," says Pierluigi Antonelli, Angelini Pharma’s CEO. "Trueblue's AiDEA Suite enables us to leverage our existing investments while accelerating our AI transformation to ensure our subsidiaries can better serve their customers".

On a global level, organizations that are deliberately scaling artificial intelligence report a profit from investment almost multiple times more noteworthy than those that are merely experimenting.

"We are excited about this relationship that has been lasting for several years and that makes Angelini Pharma the main player of a new paradigm, in this particularly important historical moment for the pharmaceutical context," says Marco Bonesini - CEO & Co-founder of Trueblue. "Our goal is to contribute to the growth of Angelini Pharma at international level with the strength of AiDEA and all the potential of an omni-channel AI-Driven solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is truly ready to change the CRM market in the pharmaceutical sector".


Leading Australian medicinal cannabis exporter, Little Green Pharma continues to expand making significant strides in lucrative global markets


Leading Australian medicinal cannabis exporter, Little Green Pharma continues to expand making significant strides in lucrative global markets

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Caris Life Sciences®, a molecular science and technology company, and Xencor, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, have announced that they will work more closely together to research, develop, and sell new bispecific and multispecific XmAb® antibodies. This expanded relationship will boost the number of targets and cancer types that Caris will investigate with Caris Discovery, a proprietary multi-omics discovery engine platform. The foundation for drug candidate development on Xencor's XmAb platform will be novel targets and their accompanying validation packages. Under the terms of the new contract, Xencor will receive worldwide commercial rights to study, develop, and market products aimed at up to three targets discovered through collaboration. In addition, Caris will get an upfront payment and may receive up to $187 million in commercial milestone payments and development. The company will also be eligible for royalties on the net sales of products commercialized as a result of the agreement, as well as future rights for molecular profiling and companion diagnostics. Caris Discovery leverages the collective force of its unmatched platform by combining the data generated from the primary patient tissues' molecular interrogation using ADAPT™, which integrates the company's extensive catalog of molecular and clinical data. About Caris Life Sciences Caris Life Sciences® is a Texas-based molecular science firm revolutionizing healthcare. Its market-leading molecular profiling products analyze DNA, RNA, and proteins to produce a molecular blueprint. This plan shows how patients, doctors, and researchers can use the information to improve outcomes and save lives. The company also uses cutting-edge algorithms for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve precision medicine. About Xencor Xencor develops modified antibodies and cytokines for cancer and autoimmune illnesses. More than 20 XmAb® candidates are in clinical development while three are sold by partners. The company’s XmAb technology modifies protein structures to create new therapeutic pathways.

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Simulations Plus Enters New Strategic Collaboration to Discover Anticancer Therapies Through Its AI-Driven Drug Design Technology

Businesswire | March 29, 2023

Simulations Plus, Inc. a leading provider of modeling and simulation software and services for pharmaceutical safety and efficacy, today announced that it established a strategic research collaboration with the Sino-American Cancer Foundation (SACF). This collaboration will leverage Simulations Plus’ staff and Artificial Intelligence-driven Drug Design technology in the ADMET Predictor® software platform to support the discovery and design of novel inhibitors of methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase 2 (MTHFD2), an emerging cancer target. Per the terms of the collaboration, Simulations Plus will develop quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models for efficacy against MTHFD2, using information from SACF as well as academic and patent literature. The biologists, computational and medicinal chemists in the Early Drug Discovery Services team at Simulations Plus will work with the researchers at SACF to define the multi-objective parameters against which the lead molecule(s) will be optimized. The new AIDD Module in ADMET Predictor® will then be employed to generate libraries of virtual compounds that are optimized for potency and other chosen parameters. The teams will select promising candidates for synthesis and testing, and ensuing rounds of QSAR model building and AIDD optimization will be performed until the milestone criteria in the collaboration agreement are achieved. “We value the trust and confidence SACF has in our team and AI technology to complement and accelerate conventional drug design and lead optimization processes,” said Dr. Jeremy Jones, Principal Scientist at Simulations Plus and project lead. “By combining their drug discovery expertise with our algorithmic and data science know-how, we are confident we will successfully support their hit-to-lead target development activities.” As part of this agreement, SACF will provide upfront funding to Simulations Plus to design a set number of compounds for efficacy against MTHFD2 which will be exclusive to SACF. Subsequent milestone payments will be made as key research and development goals are met. “SACF has had an active interest in AI for de novo design for some time, and we have found a trusted partner in Simulations Plus to help us integrate this into our research,” added Dr. Frank Luh, CEO of SACF. “Scientists from the two organizations will work side-by-side to combine SACF’s data with all that Simulations Plus offers to identify the next generation of compounds that could help in the treatment of cancer.” John DiBella, SLP Division President, said, “The Early Drug Discovery Services offering at Simulations Plus is tailor made for this type of partnership, where our team of experts, including computational, medicinal, and cheminformatics specialists, provide end-to-end AI-driven drug discovery and optimization support to complement the SACF team. Simulations Plus continues to invite future collaborations which benefit organizations and, most importantly, the global communities we serve.” About Simulations Plus, Inc. Serving clients worldwide for more than 25 years, Simulations Plus is a leading provider in the biosimulation market providing software and consulting services supporting drug discovery, development, research, and regulatory submissions. We offer solutions that bridge machine learning, physiologically based pharmacokinetics, quantitative systems pharmacology/toxicology, and population PK/PD modeling approaches. Our technology is licensed and applied by major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and regulatory agencies worldwide.

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