AmerisourceBergen & Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Discuss “Moving Health Forward” at Second Annual ThinkLive Trade Virtual Conference

AmerisourceBergen | October 22, 2021

AmerisourceBergen & Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Discuss “Moving Health Forward” at Second Annual ThinkLive Trade Virtual Conference
Today, AmerisourceBergen concluded its second annual ThinkLive Trade virtual event, a three-day online summit geared toward brand, specialty, generic and consumer-product manufacturers. Over the course of the event, AmerisourceBergen leaders discussed the ever-evolving challenges and considerations that these manufacturers face when bringing products to market, and how AmerisourceBergen works with its partners to drive supply chain sophistication, maximize patient access, and move health forward. AmerisourceBergen also introduced its new President of Manufacturer Services and Commercial Solutions, Willis Chandler, during the conference – a new role for the organization.“The last two years have proven how dynamic, fast-paced and essential the pharmaceutical industry and supply chain are to advancing global health—from launching new therapies, to maintaining consistent access to daily prescriptions, to providing frontline workers with the products and resources they need to stay safe amid a pandemic,” said Willis Chandler, who recently stepped into the new role as President of Manufacturer Services and Commercial Solutions from leading AmerisourceBergen’s health systems and specialty services organization. “ThinkLive Trade is an opportune time for us connect with manufacturers and dig deeper into their needs, challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. I plan to carry our key learnings from the conference forward, and I cannot wait to bring more novel solutions to the market in collaboration with our manufacturer partners.”

This year’s conference programming included remarks from AmerisourceBergen Chairman, President & CEO Steve Collis, dynamic panel discussions, presentations, awards, virtual networking sessions and more. Content and meetings were facilitated through AmerisourceBergen’s online experience platform, AmerisourceBergenLive.

On the first day of the summit, attendees heard directly from AmerisourceBergen executives and customers on the state of the industry, strategies to improve global health equity, and sustainable and responsible approaches to healthcare advancement. Day two of ThinkLive Trade featured discussions on technology and infrastructure enhancements to drive innovation, supply chain continuity​, and AmerisourceBergen’s strategy and focus for the year ahead. The final day of the summit focused on the intersection of healthcare and politics, featuring a fireside chat with, Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, founding Director of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University, as well as timely discussions on global generics, specialty pharmaceutical products, biosimilars, and more.

“The resilience of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the face of a global pandemic and evolving market dynamics continues to reinforce the value of strategic relationships, Our partners are developing novel therapeutics, creating pharmaceuticals to manage chronic conditions in patients worldwide, producing essential generics to ensure cost-effective medicines are available in today’s marketing, developing consumer products that are essential to fighting this pandemic and beyond, and so much more. We are thankful for their partnership and to all who attended ThinkLive Trade. This week’s conference encouraged meaningful dialogue that will help us advance healthcare efficiency and supply chain reliability in the year ahead.”

 Janine Burkett, SVP & President, Strategic Global Sourcing at AmerisourceBergen.

AmerisourceBergen will also host ThinkLive  Commercialization early next year. The event will bring together emerging biotech and biopharma leaders to discuss the latest in launch strategies across different therapeutic categories.       

About AmerisourceBergen
AmerisourceBergen fosters a positive impact on the health of people and communities around the world by advancing the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. As a leading global healthcare company, with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution and solutions for manufacturers, pharmacies, and providers, we create unparalleled access, efficiency, and reliability for human and animal health. Our 41,000 global team members power our purpose: We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #8 on the Fortune 500 with more than $200 billion in annual revenue


This industry provides a mix of Business, Science and Creativity and therefore is an attractive option for someone looking for variety in their work.

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Evergreen Theragnostics, Inc., a leading radiopharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) has started a major strategic expansion at its Springfield, NJ manufacturing facility. Evergreen has already started expanding to build a GMP state-of-the-art alpha emitter production center, incorporated into Evergreen's current facility, with the Evergreen Springfield Facility scheduled to open within the next two months. The expansion, which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022, will strengthen Evergreen's capacity to serve alpha-based radiopharmaceutical projects from pre-clinical pharmaceutical research through commercial production and supply. Evergreen's new alpha program will research and manufacture novel radiopharmaceuticals, including Actinium-225 (Ac-225), Astatine-211 (At-211), Lead-212 (Pb-212), and Thorium-227 (Th-227). Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT), which uses the radionuclides mentioned above, is a growing segment of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals owing to its unprecedented promise of improving patient clinical outcomes in cancer. This new class of medicines, however, poses significant difficulties in both clinical development and manufacturing. The new facility was created by combining Evergreen's expertise in clinical production of TAT radiopharmaceuticals with a collaboration with Tema Sinergie, a leading supplier of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. This resulted in developing specifically made production equipment to meet the challenges associated with manufacturing alpha-emitting radiopharmaceuticals in a complete cGMP environment. About Evergreen Theragnostics, Inc. Evergreen Theragnostics, founded in 2019, is a leading radiopharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) headquartered in the United States. Evergreen will offer highly reliable manufacturing services for therapeutic and centrally distributed diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals from early development through commercialization, with a state-of-the-art global GMP facility opening in Q3'21. The company was founded by a team with extensive experience in radiopharmaceutical commercialization, manufacturing process development, and regulatory affairs management. About Tema Sinergie Tema Sinergie, founded in 1985, is a pioneer and global leader in the design and manufacture of shielded isolators for the nuclear medicine market, consistently working to extend its proven leadership onto the market of aseptic containment isolator systems to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and ATMP business branches. The company has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

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This industry provides a mix of Business, Science and Creativity and therefore is an attractive option for someone looking for variety in their work.