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Protect Your Website from Pharma Hack Traffic

December 16, 2019

We often get requests like this one: "We're experiencing a massive spam URL injection issue on our site. Almost every page on our site has unauthorized pharmaceutical ads with links to seller sites. Please help!" What has hit them is the "pharma hack." Website owners too often don't realize that their site is under constant attack. If they don't have enough protection, then sooner or later its pages will get infected. This attack is just one of the many unpleasant possibilities. The pharma hack is especially sneaky. You see the spam pages in your search results yet not when you look at your own site. It doesn't mean you're going crazy. It's something that hits a lot of sites, and there are ways to prevent or remove it. Quttera's comprehensive website protection will greatly improve your site's safety against pharma hacks and other attacks. Here’s what you should know about pharma hacks and increasing your website security.