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Enabling Active Pharma Ingredients for Batch Balancing and Integration to SAP EWM

April 06, 2020

Batch and its Classification system are two most potent weapons used in Chemical, Pharma or Medical life science industry to record the potency of a batch or technically called as Active Pharma Ingredients(API). These material consist of one or more active ingredients, concentrates, carrier materials, or impurities, and so on. The potency of the active ingredients varies from batch to batch. The active ingredient is the substance of greatest interest in the bill of materials, the proportion of which may vary from batch to batch. Therefore, during creation of a process order, the system must be able to select and adjust the batches needed to obtain the required amount of active ingredient. Take an example of a drug hydroxychloroquine which is used as potent weapon to fight COVID-19. This drug is manufactured  by using API, however, the Potency of this API material vary from batch to batch.  To map this kind of requirement in SAP ERP, SAP calls it as Material Quantity Calculation.