Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

| February 2, 2019

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One of the biggest diet and nutrition trends these days is intermittent fasting. Every week, I hear from listeners wanting to know my thoughts on it. I've mentioned intermittent fasting on the podcast before, in an episode on the health benefits of fasting. But that was way back in 2011. At that point, the research was still quite preliminary and most of it had been done in rodents.


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Pharmacist eCare Plan - the newest disrupter in health data exchange?

Article | February 25, 2020

Every member of the health care team shares a common goal of optimizing patient outcomes. Yet each specialty and position of the healthcare team has a unique workflow facilitated by various tools, from an operative report to a progress note. In this regard the pharmacist plays a pivotal function in medication management and requires documentation specific to that role. The Pharmacist eCare Plan (PeCP) allows for an interoperable note to be used in the pharmacy to assist in the exchange of patient information, including active medication list, laboratory results, and payer information. To allow for this, a new type of clinical document architecture for the PeCP was created and standardized for use across pharmacies.

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Global Antiviral Drugs Market Growth: Is Antiviral Drug the Best Coronavirus Treatment?

Article | April 9, 2020

The global antiviral drugs market has witnessed a rapid surge in demand due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. So is antiviral drug the best coronavirus treatment? It is still too early to have that conclusion as many medical research and clinical trials are still trying to find the effectiveness and potential side effects of using antiviral drugs to treat coronavirus. But experts believe that antiviral drug might be the best hope for reduce the coronavirus transmission around the world at this stage. However, due to the current difficult situation of the supply chain in many lockdown countries and regions, there is a global shortage on the antiviral drugs supply. With researchers and manufacturers working hard to find and provide effective coronavirus treatment, it is expected that the global antiviral drugs market will have a significant growth over the near future. Antiviral drugs are a type of medication used specifically for treating viral infections, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, and influenza.

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Do Clinical Trial Delays Mean Trouble for Pharmaceutical Stocks?

Article | April 1, 2020

Pharmaceutical stocks have been somewhat of a safe haven for investors as the coronavirus outbreak spread from China to the rest of the world. But as the pandemic deepened, now resulting in more than 782,000 cases worldwide, even these "safer" companies are beginning to feel the effects. The U.S. is now the coronavirus epicenter, with the most cases -- more than 161,000 as of today. Initial concerns for drugmakers had to do with the supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which often come from China. The worry was that pharmaceutical companies wouldn't be able to produce enough of their drugs for patients.

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How AI and Big Data Will Disrupt Pharma’s Regulatory Compliance Standards

Article | March 4, 2020

The industry as we know it is changing. Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies across the globe are experiencing more pressure than ever to keep up with increased regulatory standards while moving at a pace that requires them to innovate in order to remain competitive. With more real-time automation and the steady increase in AI and Big Data sweeping the landscape, what used to be a slow-to-change and risk-averse industry is now expected to see a significant shift towards newer technology that focus on heightened regulatory standards. Here’s how your company can get ahead of what industry experts are calling, Pharma

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