Bioengineer takes big step forward in radical approach to treating neurodegeneration

| May 29, 2018

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An associate professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania, D. Kacy Cullen, is developing a new approach for treating patients that have neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Our brain is made up of a complex network of neurons. The paths that electrical impulses travel as they move through these neurons is what makes the brain work. But after injury or during disease, those pathways can break down. Retrieving them is not possible with current tools, and it's a major impediment to treating neural degeneration.

Spotlight, the federation of the innovative biopharmaceutical industry in Belgium, represents over 130 companies and 35.000 employees active in human healthcare in Belgium.


Global Antiviral Drugs Market Growth: Is Antiviral Drug the Best Coronavirus Treatment?

Article | April 9, 2020

The global antiviral drugs market has witnessed a rapid surge in demand due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. So is antiviral drug the best coronavirus treatment? It is still too early to have that conclusion as many medical research and clinical trials are still trying to find the effectiveness and potential side effects of using antiviral drugs to treat coronavirus. But experts believe that antiviral drug might be the best hope for reduce the coronavirus transmission around the world at this stage. However, due to the current difficult situation of the supply chain in many lockdown countries and regions, there is a global shortage on the antiviral drugs supply. With researchers and manufacturers working hard to find and provide effective coronavirus treatment, it is expected that the global antiviral drugs market will have a significant growth over the near future. Antiviral drugs are a type of medication used specifically for treating viral infections, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, and influenza.

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Tips for Managing Chronic Pain Beyond Prescription Painkillers

Article | February 17, 2020

Painkillers like Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin, have been prescribed by primary physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other healthcare providers to patients suffering from varying levels of pain. Though these medications have proven to be an effective source of pain relief, they have also proven to be highly addictive. In fact, it has even been reported that there are more cases of a drug overdose and deaths from prescription painkillers than heroin or cocaine. While there are a number of factors that play into this opioid epidemic, educating doctors and patients on alternative solutions to managing chronic pain is a great place to start combatting this nationwide crisis.

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Article | March 2, 2020

I recently discussed the different ways that consumer-grade smartphones can compromise patients’ health, safety and overall care. However, some clinicians and healthcare administrators have indicated in recent months that they need help selecting the right enterprise-grade mobility solutions for their unique operating models and workflows. There are many different hardware and software options, and a single rugged device can come in multiple configurations. So, how do you know if you’re picking the right communication tools for your clinicians? The key is to first set performance expectations for the total mobility solution rather than the device alone.

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Five Ways to Manage Your Trial Effectively in a Fast-Changing Global Environment

Article | March 11, 2020

Over the past half-century, clinical trials have grown increasingly complex. A flood of new data from novel sources combined with more elaborate study designs and tougher regulatory standards have lengthened timelines and hiked costs, contributing to a steady decline of efficiency. It all adds up: Nearly half of all drug launches underperform revenue expectations. And if that isn’t enough, the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide is having an effect on how life sciences companies operate their businesses, including how clinical trials are conducted. Most clinical trial research organizations have tried to adapt by tweaking a platform here, adding a new app there, but this has only yielded patchwork systems of sites, spreadsheets and dashboards that further burden the process.

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Spotlight, the federation of the innovative biopharmaceutical industry in Belgium, represents over 130 companies and 35.000 employees active in human healthcare in Belgium.