Accentuate the Positive: Tackling Pharma’s Reputation Problem

| February 12, 2018

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“Merck’s Head Defends Drug Prices,” ran The New York Times headline. The Times was reporting on the Merck & Co. president’s testimony at the previous day’s Senate hearing, part of a high-profile investigation into the price-setting activities of the US pharmaceutical industry. Merck’s leader offered a robust defense, stressing that the industry was highly competitive and that it was actually giving the American public “a reasonable bargain.” But The Timesreporter noted that the testimony was an indication “of the drug industry’s realization that its reputation was on trial.”



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Top Pharmaceutical Firms Urge FDA to Adopt Blockchain for Drug Tracking

Article | February 25, 2020

Leading market participants in the United States pharmaceutical industry, logistics firms, distributors and other stakeholders in the pharma supply chain have come together to publish a report buttressing the need for industry players to adopt blockchain for tracking prescription drugs, following the successful completion of a DLT pilot project with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to reports on February 24, 2020. Though nascent, blockchain technology, the building blocks of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are fast gaining ground across various ecosystems, due to its immutability, security, privacy, and other intricate properties. In the latest development, 25 leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, logistics partners and other market participants in the pharma supply chain, have published a report that highlights the importance of blockchain technology in drug traceability.

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How pharma can continue engaging HCPs in a world gripped by COVID-19

Article | April 10, 2020

Medscape is the leading source of clinical news, health information, and point-of-care tools for healthcare professionals. Medscape offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools. Medscape Education ( is the leading destination for continuous professional development, consisting of more than 30 specialty-focused destinations offering thousands of free CME and CE courses and other educational programmes for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Both Medscape and Medscape Education are part of WebMD Health Corp., an Internet Brands company. Face-to-face interactions between pharma and physicians have essentially ceased overnight during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean HCPs have stopped looking for new medical information.

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Roche Prepares to Launch COVID-19 Antibody Test System

Article | April 17, 2020

Swiss pharma giant Roche is joining the race to develop a test for COVID-19 antibodies in people who have been exposed to the disease. This morning, Roche announced the development and upcoming launch of its Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 serology test to detect antibodies in people who have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Roche is eying May for the launch of the test in Europe and is in talks with the U.S Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval of the system. Antibody testing is central to help identify people who have been infected by the virus, especially those who may have been infected but did not display symptoms, the company said. Roche noted that as more information becomes available about immunity levels to COVID-19, society can return to a sense of normal much more quickly. Roche’s test will join a number of other antibody tests that have recently come on the market. Earlier this month the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first blood test for COVID-19 antibodies.

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Global Antiviral Drugs Market Growth: Is Antiviral Drug the Best Coronavirus Treatment?

Article | April 9, 2020

The global antiviral drugs market has witnessed a rapid surge in demand due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. So is antiviral drug the best coronavirus treatment? It is still too early to have that conclusion as many medical research and clinical trials are still trying to find the effectiveness and potential side effects of using antiviral drugs to treat coronavirus. But experts believe that antiviral drug might be the best hope for reduce the coronavirus transmission around the world at this stage. However, due to the current difficult situation of the supply chain in many lockdown countries and regions, there is a global shortage on the antiviral drugs supply. With researchers and manufacturers working hard to find and provide effective coronavirus treatment, it is expected that the global antiviral drugs market will have a significant growth over the near future. Antiviral drugs are a type of medication used specifically for treating viral infections, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, and influenza.

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